December 3, 2010

William Campbell Really is Dead?

I had a watch of this movie in the hopes of learning all the information concerning the conspiracy clues. I have a sick love for them  I was very disappointed to find that the producers hadn’t really attempted to do their homework first.  At all.  You can get a more accurate version of the conspiracy from a simple Google search. The whole movie was clearly written and produced by people who haven’t got a clue about The Beatles history or time-line.  A great bunch of drama and scary theorizations, but ultimately hokum.

Everything was based on American record releases, ignoring facts that some songs were actually written before the alleged date of the alleged fatal accident. But the real give-away was when fake George, who I shall refer to as Feorge, tells us that Rita the Hitch-hiker who caused Paul to crash his car was given a new identity and a big payout to remain quiet, only to turn up years later as Heather Mills. The reason Heather had lost her leg was because the powers that be, in an attempt to keep her quiet, tried to have her killed by running her over in traffic, apparently by the same powers that be that organised John Lennon’s assassination. But what Feorge fails to mention is that Rita accidentally caused Paul’s death, a good two years before Heather Mills was even born.


Towards the end of the film there were some very obviously photo-shopped images of Faul with a very enlarged nose and buck teeth, and some video footage of Harrison being interviewed on Australian television, clearly saying Faul (Fake Paul) instead of Paul. YouTube has the unedited version of this interview and in real life Harrison has a most distinctively pronounced P for every mention of Paul’s name. There... I have just officailly done a better fact-checking job than the God damned director.
Had this been a documentary on the hoax, and one that stuck to the theory as it had stood, this would have been an enjoyable discussion of the conspiracy theories. Marketed as Harrison’s last testament, and very badly narrated by someone who was so obviously reading a script, it’s not even a good hoax in its own right.
Of course it is partially true….Paul has been musically dead for decades.

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