March 31, 2011

Sexy like WHOA.

Tonight is Ladies Night and the Tiff Hall Band.
That requires some pre-pretty primping.
Exhibit A) Face Mask.
Exhibit B) Embarrassment.

I suffer for my beauty.

The Lush mask has seaweed in it.  It helps the overall attractiveness, I think.

"Bored at Work- Photoshopping Justin Bieber's Head onto Things."

"Did you draw Justin Biebers face on all the images in my stock images folder and save them over my files?"



March 30, 2011

Best. Drunk-dial. EVER.


 A great, pull-no-punches article about the format change of 95.7: 


By Mike Ross


The gut reaction to listening to the radio station formerly known as the Sound – which relaunched Monday as Lite 95.7 – is to re-enact a scene from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
It’s the part where Jack Nicholson’s character McMurphy tries to strangle the evil Nurse Ratched after she goaded a teenage boy into committing suicide. So they give him a lobotomy. The Chief sees what they did to his best buddy, and is unable to bear the thought of Mac living without frontal lobes, personality or identity in a hellish mental hospital for the rest of his life. So the Chief smothers his friend to death with a pillow before smashing a giant sink through the window and running free into the night – probably to a beautiful fantasy world where the radio dial is full of stations just like CKUA and CBC and CJSR.
Yes, listening to Lite 95.7 is exactly like that.
The Sound has been wiped clean. The last few months must’ve been some wonderful, bizarre dream where Alanis Morissette lived in the same Old Apartment as Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughan in the ‘90s at 9. Now it’s time to wake up and get back to work because Lite 95.7 is our “At Work Station.” I hate Mondays.
There’s some bad news for all those Sound supporters who came out of the woodwork: Nothing is going to change. Thanks for all your letters, but where were all you people before? Give your flowers to the living, why don’t you? Too late.

“Well, I did,” pipes in local radiohead Sheena Millar. She was so pissed when her favourite radio station died that she wrote a letter to the station’s head office, Harvard Broadcasting. It expresses deep disappointment in losing “one of the most original radio stations this city had” and ends with a plea to “reconsider.” Never happen. The switch was a “business decision,” which always sounds lame until you realize how many people’s livelihoods depend on business decisions. The Sound wasn’t getting big money for ads (with a sad 0.8 rating), and something had to be done or a lot of people might’ve lost their jobs. That is, unless Harvard had been willing to invest a little more money and a little more time for cool radio in Edmonton. But they obviously weren’t. So when EZ Rock flipped to Virgin, there was a hole in the Edmonton light rock market – which is where the light rock market should be, frankly – and Harvard rushed to fill it. Done deal. Plus they still have this weird thing in their license that says they have to play a certain percentage of blues and/or jazz. Michael Buble is of course perfect: Fulfils genre, Lite Rock mandate and Canadian content in one maudlin burst of schwing.
We reached what we hoped would be a disgruntled former Sound announcer who was “let go” after the switch. The person didn’t sound angry: “I was shocked. I thought they would’ve given it more time. But I understand. It was a business decision. Shit happens.”
Millar knows Harvard won’t budge, but she hopes that maybe one of the other stations will get inspired by the outrage of her and other former Sound Supporters – whom she describes as people who WANT to listen to commercial radio but generally don’t because there’s usually nothing good on (same can be said for TV) – and “pick up the ball.” She agrees that a radio station can be more than a mere jukebox, that it can turn into a more personal relationship. When one gets into the zen of listening for long periods of time, while studying, say, or making out, a good radio station can to take on a parental, almost God-like role: They’re talking to YOU. They’re picking music they think YOU would like. They’re playing songs YOU lost your virginity to.
Millar joined a new Facebook group: Edmonton Needs a Decent Radio Station.  It’ll have to be one we already have. The Edmonton radio dial is full. No more new stations, for now.
I listened to about two hours of the new Lite 95.7 morning show the other day with the husband-and-wife tag team of Jamie and Dan, and it wasn’t COMPLETELY horrible. The hosts were charming and mildly witty in the manner of mid-morning talk shows. They played Tainted Love, talked about how Jamie doesn’t like moustaches and then made a bit of fun of Matthew McConaughey. She loves him. He doesn’t. Oh, the matrimonial hilarity we’re in for! They played The Climb by Miley Cyrus, after which Jamie noted that the song is inspirational to people going through “stuff.” They gave a plug for Lite 95.7’s “secret santas,” who had been roaming around town giving away money during the audio lobotomy process over the weekend (72 hours of Christmas music). Then they played Daughters by John Mayer. That song gets me misty every time. They played Taylor Swift and LeAnn Rimes and Michael Jackson, then some old-time swing ballad I’ve heard a million times before. They played Shania Twain. As the morning show drifted off, they played a non-stop block of 95.7 minutes of something. I’m just going to go ahead and call it “SHIT,” OK?
Pass the pillow.
(In addition to CKUA and CBC and CJSR, the Chief would probably listen to Edmonton’s aboriginal station CFWE 98.5 FM, too. Great station. Very interesting. We’ll get to them on another date.)


March 29, 2011

Libyan woman held hostage at Gaddafi complex after Rape Claim.

TL;DR Version:  Libyan woman was instructed by Gaddafi to be detained and raped by 15 military men over the course of 2 days.  Iman al-Obeidi broke free and spoke with correspondents and journalists about her ordeal.  Plain clothed gov't officials harassed her, dragged her from the hotel and shoved her in a vehicle. Even though the gov't has stated she has been released to be with family, her parents claim she is still missing and they were called and instructed that her she would be returned when she changed her story.  Her mother said they would never change their story for any price and now the Gaddafi gov't has taken to the media to slander al-Obeidi's reputation, calling her a traitor, a prostitute, a drug addict, a whore.

Video below:

The parents of a Libyan woman who said she had been raped by Muammar Gaddafi's troops say their daughter is being held hostage at the Libyan leader's compound in Tripoli.
Iman al-Obeidi's story came to prominence at the weekend when she went to a Tripoli hotel, clearly distressed, to speak to foreign correspondents. With television cameras rolling, she was tackled by waitresses and government minders and dragged away.
In interviews broadcast on Monday on al-Jazeera television, Obeidi's parents denied government claims that their daughter had been released after the hotel incident and was now with a sister in the Libyan capital. They also countered allegations by a government spokesman who said she was a prostitute.

The parents said Obeidi was a lawyer, and that she was being held at Gaddafi's compound in Bab al-Aziziya in the capital. It was unclear where the parents were speaking from, and al-Jazeera did not provide their names.
"I don't feel ashamed. Instead my head is up high," the mother told al-Jazeera, saying her daughter "broke the barrier that no other man could break" by coming forward to allege rape.
In the al-Jazeera footage, the teary-eyed mother holds the Libyan opposition flag around her shoulders and says Obeidi is "a hostage, taken by the tyrants". She also pleads for help from the "youth of Tripoli".
The mother says she received a phone call on Monday from an unidentified caller, purportedly from the Gaddafi camp, telling her Obeidi was at the Tripoli compound and asking her to instruct her daughter to change the rape claim in return for freedom and other benefits.
"Whatever you ask for, you will get: build a new house or get the money," the mother said the caller offered.
Moussa Ibrahim, a government spokesman, claimed on Sunday that Obeidi was a prostitute who had been released since her outburst at the Rixos hotel, and was staying with her sister in Tripoli.
The government said four men had been interrogated in the case, including the son of a high-ranking state official.
In the al-Jazeera interview, Obeidi's father held a photograph that he said showed his daughter graduating from law school. He said she was pursuing a postgraduate degree.
Obeidi told foreign media on Saturday that she had been detained by a number of Gaddafi's troops at a Tripoli checkpoint on Wednesday. She said they had been drinking alcohol and had handcuffed her before 15 men later raped her.


Regret is Best Served Ugly.

I, too, am in love, but I can not imagine what kind of desperate, PDA, 'hands off my wo/man', misplaced sense of pride one must possess to not just have the idea to tattoo your lover's name on your face, but for another to agree, and even worse, an artist do it.
THREE people were alright with this idea.
That is three more than the number of people I can get to back my bathroom greenhouse idea.

"Doc, my wife and I love each other so we want to have our ring fingers exchanged with the other's and reattached."


ATTENTION CANADIANS: Election 2011 Made Easier.

For most people, voting is complicated.  All politicians lie, the parties blur in platforms, and past indiscretions overshadow the parties' basic principles.

But CBC News has an excellent quiz to help streamline your views based upon how you answer some distinguishing questions:

The CBC is the site's exclusive media partner, but Vote Compass operates independently.  It's questions were developed and chosen by a team of leading academics, including some of Canada's top political scientists.

I am not, in any way, dissuading your own critical analysis of each possible party, but instead of spending NO time wading through the mountains of information because it is so overwhelming, maybe this can be helpful.

My results.  Shocking, I know.

Please vote. Not voting is always a vote.  Apathy is always an opinion. 
This election, in light of the non-confidence ejection, is especially important.

Thank you for your time.

SNUFFBOX: Because Sewing is SEXY.

Bicycle wrist pincushion by Snuff Box.

She is beautiful, her shit is beautiful, and I want this.  AND this necklace:

Brass & Strike Arms necklace by Snuff Box. Made with the strike-arms from a typewriter and other parts.

Go spread the love but don't buy any of the stuff I want.  ;)

Simpson's Episodes Pulled for Nuclear Reactor Jokes; the Tsunami Wins.
The nuclear disaster in Japan has moved at least one Canadian broadcaster to pull episodes of The Simpsons from its rotation.
OMNI Television spokeswoman Koreen Ott said the station, which airs reruns of The Simpsons at 6 p.m., has “pulled any nuclear episodes from The Simpsons” from the air.
“We’re reviewing our inventory for any further sensitive episodes.”
Ott could not say which episodes have been pulled, but added that the station was provided a list of questionable episodes from Fox, which airs The Simpsons in the United States.
OMNI Television is not alone. Television stations in Europe have also pulled nuclear-related episodes.
Also, shortly after 9/11 an episode in which Homer goes to New York was pulled for awhile because it showed the World Trade Center.

Global TV, which also air reruns of the comedy, has not confirmed if it has pulled any episodes.

**Thanks, LePage.

Hitler House (complete with naff side parting.)

This unassuming house in a sleepy part of Swansea is set to become a global internet sensation... for bearing a passing resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.  It's neat brown door brings to mind the fascist dictator's trademark toothbrush moustache and the slanting tiled roof falls at a similar angle to the leader's greased down, parted hairstyle.

Thanks for the heads up Deej and Slate!

Read more:

Make Yourself Your Own Kobayashi.

Wow, this has really taken off.  Coffin should have invested some $$ into this.

A new wonderfully creepy startup called Cloud Girlfriend thinks they have the answer to finding the woman of your dreams: "The best way to get a girlfriend is to already have one." You can only sign up for the early invitation service now but here's how it works: Create your Weird Science gal and they'll "bring her into existence" by creating fake social media profiles for her, and will even have her post on your Facebook Wall. This whole process could be a lot easier if they just figured out a way for you and your Cloud Girlfriend to have sex.

Please let this be a Peter Coffin-esque April Fools joke.

March 28, 2011


Charles Schulz's Peanuts comics often conceal the existential despair of their world with a closing joke at the characters' expense. With the last panel omitted, despair pervades all.

Teabag You.

Congrats, Landon & friends!  You hit 10, 000 views!
Not bad for a local band who made a song about nutsacks.

Having such classy friends definitely has it's perks.

Mommy, I had a bad dream.

One of those dreams where you can't escape a predicament rationally so you do something stupid that could kill you.
I woke up before I actually died and spent the next hour laying in bed with this running through my head:

So, yeah.  Good luck getting back to sleep.

Here are some things I found entertaining while too awake to sleep and too sleepy to do anything productive:

I could totally do that.

"That's a God damned bacon rainbow, Bitches."

And just in case it was a deal breaker for any future fake online relationships:


God damn you, Russia.

And this clip is from a documentary called Married to the Eiffel Tower, about a woman who has love affairs with inanimate objects, like bridges, and her bows (she’s an archer).  She's tried dating human men, but they just can't compete.

 FILMMAKER: When you say you date these guys, does it mean that you have sex with them?
BRIDGE F*CKER: Oh, no. We never get to that point.  Often times, they would say I’ll be the guy who will change your mind. And I never liked that attitude. I mean, I didn’t date a whole lot of guys, but the ones that I did, didn’t work out, simply because of the sex part.

I'm shocked.

March 26, 2011

My Letter to Harvard Radio Regarding the Termination of The Sound Radio.

March 26, 2011

Dear Harvard Broadcasting,

No doubt this is not the first nor last email you will be receiving about the recent termination of 95.7 The Sound in Edmonton Alberta, but please allow me a moment to express my deep disappointment in your obvious economically based decision to replace one of the most original radio stations this city has had with a Lite radio station that will have little impact on anyone or anything that resides outside of your bank accounts.

I have seen the ratings quotes.
I have read about the slow incline of listeners.
I have heard of the advertising shortfalls.

But I have also LISTENED to the station since it's inception.  And it was ELITE.

It may have been for a less homogeneous group of people than easy listening cubicle workers, but it was regarded in serious artistic circles as Edmonton's hope for music that spoke for people WHO ACTUALLY LOVE MUSIC.

It wasn't just a representation of the listeners. 
It was an outlet for local bands to showcase their talents. 
It was an outlet for local DJs with personality and spunk and originality to have their uniqueness appreciated. 
It was an outlet for people to hear about small-stage shows in town at neighbourhood pubs, to raise awareness of all the amazing attitude and ingenuity this amazing city has to offer ALL OF US. 

Your impatience and inability to take a risk is a massive disappointment.
The fantastic people of this exceptional city deserve more than the same "good enough" entertainment.
The brilliant people of this high class city are ready for people to stop spoon-feeding them "status quo" media.

We wanted a radio station that got us involved in our city and bring the vibrancy out in the people, the places, the politics.
And we finally had that.

Until you gave up on it.
And gave up on us.

Please reconsider.
The people of Edmonton deserve it.

Thank you for your time,

Sheena Millar

Mike Ross writes an article regarding the sound, including a conversation with me about this letter and my thoughts on the station:   

To write your own letter...
Harvard Broadcasting
1900 Rose Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 0A9
phone: (306) 546-6200
Fax: (306) 781-7338
(The website had an old email address.  I called and got the General Sales Manager's email for Alberta, as listed above, for Tamara Konrad.  It should be correct now.  Thanks, Anon.)

What if WE are the aliens?

Nothing says topical like using a year old Ke$ha quote as your blog title.
What. UP.

All right, so I have had a lot of traffic after my blog was linked all over hell's half acre regarding Peter Coffin (I Just DGAF?), and some people have found me on Twitter as well to ask who I am and how I came to be included in this whole affair.

Quick Summary:

I am a local celebrity* who lives with my boyfriend in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  I like the colour brown and things that are small.  I dig Scottish accents and people who can laugh at themselves.  I spend most of my money on music, beer, and avocados.

A friend of mine in Halifax BBMed me early Wednesday morning about a blog post he read about this douchebag Peter Coffin and, upon reading XiaXeu's blog post, was so enthralled by the idiocy of the whole affair I had to find out more.
Upon further investigation, I started documenting things as I found them, including taking screen shots of sites and posts that I knew would surely be deleted as the internet caught wind of the affair and Coffin ran for his life.
It wasn't even a hashtag on Twitter yet so I got a bit of a head start on it all.
Lucky me.  ;)

I tried telling Peter on Twitter (when he unlocked it for a brief time) to stop with the crazy defenses and lies (because he didn't know how much had been found out about him in the short time I took to Google). I tried telling him on Rants and Retardicles (the new blog he created to pretend to be someone else defending Peter's honour) to stop and take a deep breath and drop out of site and let it all blow over.  Even as he took to MY blog to make crass comments, and took to reddit to try and explain it all away with more lies, I was trying my best to get him to understand that he was making it all worse.

As you are now well aware, he didn't take my advice.  Instead he lied continuously, contradicting himself at every turn, mocked people who refused to believe said lies, drew attention to Xiaxeu's shortcomings as a way to deflect from his own mistakes, and then when nothing else worked, he played the victim.
In short, he dared people to hate him.
And they did.
By the millions all across the globe.

Eventually, simply due to the fact that I had the events laid out in chronological order as it unfolded in the cyber world, my blog was linked as a great way to fully understand the magnitude of the situation.  No other reason.  Before this happened, I had heard of none of the major player in this awesome story of Deception and Betrayal.

So, I thank everyone for their comments and their entertaining participation over the last few days.  It was an extremely enjoyable way to spend some sick days in bed.

I wish Peter the best in rebuilding his life and I sincerely hope that he learns a HUGE lesson from this.
Otherwise he is in store for a very, very, very long road ahead.

*Not even close to a celebrity, unless you ask Marko, Greg, my parents, or the people who used to follow me on Facebook until I got kicked off for, presumably, getting into a futile discussion with Republicans.

Hilter's Reactions Will Never Lose Their Genius.

Hitler's reaction after hearing Rebecca Black's "Friday".

My Fifteen Year Old Hip Hop Fanatic Just Came.

"Desperation, jumpin' off of street corners here..."

I don't care if I come off as a giddy, ridiculous teenager.  I am new at Twitter and I am still amazed at the fact that I have gotten the chance to speak to Eddie Ifft, Lisa Lampanelli, Patton Oswalt, Louis Peitzman, and Butch Walker... but motherfucking Q-TIP?

I know.  Few really care but him anymore, but I DO care.  And it made my entire Saturday to have him come back at me with Princess Jedi.  (Though that statement just prompted my boyfriend to reply "See?  Now we HAVE to watch Star Wars...")

I am not a fame whore, starfucker junkie, but when you are actually able to have a piece of time with people who are in the moment, interactive, and interested in what you say... it is a pretty amazing thing.

And I am thankful to have them.

Thank you, Facebook.  I was upset when I lost access to all of my friends and comedians when you disabled me, but Twitter has been the girlfriend you never were, and I didn't even realize it until you dumped me.

March 25, 2011

M&Ms Could Happen Here.

It Could Happen Here
Published: March 23, 2011 


Yet despite the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear plant in Pennsylvania, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has often been too timid in ensuring that America’s 104 commercial reactors are operated safely. Nuclear power is a textbook example of the problem of “regulatory capture” — in which an industry gains control of an agency meant to regulate it. Regulatory capture can be countered only by vigorous public scrutiny and Congressional oversight, but in the 32 years since Three Mile Island, interest in nuclear regulation has declined precipitously.

In 2002, after the commission retreated from demanding an early inspection of a reactor, Davis-Besse in Ohio, that it suspected was operating in a dangerous condition, its own inspector general concluded that it “appears to have informally established an unreasonably high burden of requiring absolute proof of a safety problem, versus lack of a reasonable assurance of maintaining public health and safety.”

More recently, independent analysts have argued, based on risk analyses done for the commission, it is dangerous for the United States to pack five times more spent fuel into reactor cooling pools than they were designed to hold, and that 80 percent of that spent fuel is cool enough to be stored safely elsewhere. It would also be more expensive, however, and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission followed the nuclear utilities’ lead and rejected the proposal.The commission has even fought relentlessly for decades against proposals — and more recently a Congressional requirement — to distribute potassium iodide pills beyond the 10-mile emergency zones around American reactors, arguing that the probability of a large release of radioactivity was too low to justify the expense. And yet the American Embassy in Tokyo is handing out potassium iodide pills to Americans 140 miles from the Fukushima plant.

Therefore, perhaps the most important thing to do in light of the Fukushima disaster is to change the industry-regulator relationship. It has become customary for administrations not to nominate, and the Senate not to confirm, commissioners whom the industry regards as “anti-nuclear” — which includes anyone who has expressed any criticism whatsoever of industry practices. The commission has an excellent staff; what it needs is more aggressive political leadership.


Or, if it's easier for you, you could always hear Glenn Beck explain it all away:

*Frank N. von Hippel, a nuclear physicist, is a professor of public and international affairs at Princeton and co-chairman of the International Panel on Fissile Materials. From 1993 to 1994 he was responsible for national security issues in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

The Speed of Sound.

Edmonton just lost it's best radio station.  Goddammit.

"It’s called “Lite 95.7″  now. 
Goodbye, cool rock songs. So long, Beck. Hasta la vista, Kings of Leon. Hello, “soft adult contemporary” music – rushing to fill the void left when EZ Rock turned into Virgin. Hello, Michael Buble, Elton John, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Train and Bon Jovi. 
We know you well! Too well. Don’t 11 other Edmonton radio stations play these overplayed artists already?

Well, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to play the soft rock in this town. Right?
The depressing announcement was made today from the corporate overlords: Saskatchewan-based Harvard Broadcasting. This weekend the station formerly known as the Sound will play nothing but Christmas music. No joke. It’s designed to completely blow off the old listeners before the big change Monday morning. New listeners (if any) will be introduced to a brand new morning crew, the husband-and-wife team of Jamie O’Connell and Dan Hunt, last heard on Up! 99.3 before they were “let go.” Previous Sound morning man Ryann Bradley will do the afternoon drives. Many of the old Sound staff will keep their jobs, but sadly, some “don’t fit the new format.”

Only one question here: For the love of God, why?

Station manager Tamara Konrad says, “We did it because nobody else did it first. There’s a hole in this market for the soft AC format. It is a proven format. It’s a top performing radio format in Edmonton and all across Canada.”
Still, ’tis a pity. Those Harvard bozos never even gave it a chance. The Sound was only a few months old. Sure, they languished at the bottom of the ratings heap, yet were ironically the best commercial radio station in Edmonton. Meanwhile, Now! Radio 102.3 is the top-rated station – thanks to massive billboard campaigns – and it’s one of the WORST stations. 

Everything is ass-backwards in the wacky world of Edmonton radio."

My letter to the Broadcasters regarding this termination:


Election Looms as Government Falls.

It's official — the government has fallen from power, clearing the way for a spring election.
The opposition Liberals, NDP and Bloc Québécois came together Friday afternoon in an historic vote to say they no longer have confidence in the Conservative government. The non-confidence vote automatically sparks an election after five years of Conservative minority rule.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper immediately rose to ask that the House be adjourned.
Harper was expected to speak in the foyer of the House of Commons within minutes of the adjournment.
He is also expected to go to Rideau Hall Saturday morning to ask Governor General David Johnston to formally dissolve Parliament. As soon as he does that, candidates will hit their local neighbourhoods and the party leaders will fan out across the country to ask voters to send them back to Parliament.
Only five other non-confidence votes have happened in Canada's history, according to information on the Library of Parliament website.

This is the first time it has occurred because a majority of MPs voted that they believed the government was in contempt of Parliament.


"Friday" by Rebecca Black, as interpreted by a bad lip reader.

Here’s a version of Rebecca Black’s “Friday” based on a badly-interpreted lip reading of the video.  It’s not only hilarious, but interesting that the makers created an equally-catchy, equally-meaningless pop song in an afternoon without auto-tune.

I love that you can get it on itunes.  Brilliant.

The most disturbingly hilarious dating profile ever created by a non-murderer.

Click the picture to enlarge. You really don't want to miss any of it.


Thank you, Jay.

Kimi Kobayashi+ Banksy= Keyser-fucking-Söze.

So, it'a been a blast and an exceptional two days to be sick in bed with you, Peter, but I think... I think I want to start seeing other people.

"You can't fire me, Bitch... I QUIT."

But, in all seriousness, it is pretty played out.
'I Just DGAF' has deleted all comments to me and Peter Coffin has locked his tweets again & deleted his reddit account on the thread he created to insist that he was a victim of a "smear campaign'.  If his story was true, the worst he'd be a victim of is bad judgment for presuming his Asian model internet girlfriend of 8 months was sincere.  This whole 'the world is out to get me' bullshit was a reach from the beginning and it failed miserably.
His starfucker celebrity status whoring only ensured that all the evidence of his weird, sick, alternate universe was on full display for all reporters, twitter followers, facebookers and bloggers to document.

Shutting up would have been his best option, and finally I think he has.

It was a dick move, it was humiliating, but I don't wish to harm or hurt the guy.
He has given me much pleasure in the last 24 hours and I do wish him the best from here on out.
Get your shit together, get a day job, get to a gym, stop trying to be popular and try being personable.

One day I hope to hear his name referenced and be able to say "Hey, I remember that guy..."

Still nice to know he's following my every post, though:

Is the "blogger" he is referring to ME, speaking to me as 'I Just DGAF'?  You make the call.  He has not been noted as speaking on any other blogs during this time.  Not even Xiaxeu's.  Interesting.

March 24, 2011

A Dent in Peter's Coffin. UPDATES.  CONTINUED...

-------------------------------------------------------- comments from alternate post:
Peter returns to taunt me like he taunted Xiaxeu.  Second time's a charm?

Does 'I Just DGAF' look familiar?  They should.  They post on this blog:

The one created by someone OTHER than Peter Coffin (because that would CRAZY) to defend him against the haters.  Or something.  Read for yourself.

Even though I repeatedly told him to stop with the new blogs and reddit and Twitter and other futile means to defend his aching position, he insists on taunting me.  Because no one listens to me anyway, right?


The second rated comment on reddit.

Not to mention being linked by numerous other blogs, articles, thread sites, and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Now, granted, this means shit in the overall scheme of things, but to insinuate that someone as worthless as myself can't influence anyone by simply posting my observations and "screen shots" (because what proof are pictures, anyway) on a wee blog is a bit naive. Ever heard of 'word of mouth'?  It's not when your imaginary girlfriend puts your cock down her imaginary throat; it actually does something.

Maybe that is what got you into this mess- you don't think anyone else is ever worthy enough to tear down the kingdom of Korean love you have built for yourself.  And yet, here you are... defending yourself on reddit and losing grace and honour with each shallow reply.

Perhaps you'd be better off leaving well enough alone now?


Peter!  You made it to the big time!! Congratulations.

He has since deleted all comments impersonating himself as 'I Just DGAF'.  Damn it.  Now the comment threads don't make any sense.  I hate it when that happens.

Funny; Peter Coffin also said of  Xiaxeu "you suck as a person."  I'm sure it's coincidence.

And now Peter's alter-ego I Just DGAF has a Twitter page.  And guess which blogger he's decided to attempt to harass now?  I know. I feel honoured as well.

A Note from Xiaxue's husband:


A reddit member sent me this screen shot of a conversation he had with Peter Coffin.  Peter admitted to meeting this chick in Scotland of all places.  Boom. 

A reddit member privately facebook Peter Coffin requesting information. He MET her in Scotland. So he DID meet her?

If he "met" her then why is he insisting she "doesn't exist"?

 This guy should go into politics.

Continued post:

... characterized the brothers as "primary underwriters of hard-line libertarian politics in America."

An American energy conglomerate owned by two powerful billionaire brothers who help fund the Tea Party and climate change denial movements in the U.S. has registered to lobby the Alberta government.

"Many of the organizations funded by the Kochs employ specialists who write position papers that are subsequently quoted by politicians and pundits," Mayer wrote.
In 2010, a University of Massachusetts research institute named Koch Industries one of the top 10 air polluters in the United States.

The same year, Greenpeace reported that foundations controlled by Koch Industries contributed nearly $25 million to organizations that oppose clean energy and climate policy. The environmental advocates called the company "a financial kingpin of climate science denial."

New Bigfoot Video. *yawn*

A North Carolina man, Thomas Byers, claims to have captured the legendary Bigfoot on video. Unfortunately, the 5-second clip -- filmed in Rutherford County on Tuesday -- shows little more than a blurry silhouette running across a road, and a sound that Byers alleges to be the creature's "snarl."
It's not just me, this is terrible, yes?  I mean, with all of our new technology and lessons learned from past mythical creature videos (leave the camera rolling for more than ten seconds and chase the fucking thing) we HAVE to do better than this.

*Sorry, Greg.  I know how much you want there to be Bigfoots. ;)

Peter Coffin, You Sad Sorry Sonofabitch.


So, Peter Coffin pissed off the wrong Asian blogger who has a significant following and now he has a pile of humiliation and embarrassment to sift through on his way to "own(ing) Hollywood".


(Try copying and pasting the URL in the browser if it doesn't link properly.  Short story: A guy named Peter Coffin created a fake blog, Twitter page, Facebook page, and YouTube channel as a way of pretending he had a pretty young Japanese girlfriend, Kimi Kobayashi.  He stated that he and she were Twitter's new "Power Couple".  After harassing XiaXue for being a "fake Asian" due to her plastic surgery, XiaXue's followers exposed the Japanese girlfriend to be a Korean model and not in any way connected to Peter Coffin.  He had basically stolen stock photos off the internet galleries and created himself the perfect girlfriend.  The rest is internet history...)

It is ALWAYS better to be single than to be this guy.  Let this be a lesson to all of you... especially the 27 year old wanna-be comedians.


The follow up:!/petercoffin!/petercoffin

Oh, Petie... Petie don't.  Just leave well enough alone, Hun.  You unblocked your tweets to somehow gain a sympathetic audience?  This ain't going away and it's not going to get any better with you insisting you had no part in this.  You are better off pretending you did it as some sociological theatre piece for your new YouTube channel "PlayWithPeter'sImaginaryFriend".

And then Peter makes a third identity blog page to defend himself as a third party witness to the event.  Oh, LORD.

Someone asked him on Formspring if he was Kimi.  (Thanks for the head up, Anonymous.)

Yes.  THEY are the ones being stupid.

So, he knew March 16th but then found out AGAIN when he was found out by Xiaxeu? 
"Dig up, Douchebag.  Dig UP."

For effect: Weezer's 'El Scorcho'. Enjoy.

Continued Blogpost as Coffin spams me:

**Thanks for the heads up, LePage.  This was GOLD.

March 23, 2011

Bride's life-size wedding cake shaped like herself puts other completely insane brides at ease.

A wife renewing her wedding vows after 10 years of marriage opted for a cake constructed as a 5-foot replica of herself wearing a wedding gown and veil. Chidi Ogbuta (what?) and her presumably heavily medicated husband, Innocent (actual name, ohmygod), originally intended to make life-size cakes of both of them but ran out of time.

The 5-foot dessert contained 200 eggs and 7.5 liters of amaretto, weighed 400 pounds, and makes my brain sad.

Susan Powter has gone crazy. Thinks she looks like a Russian spy.

She now has a radio show and insists that it will change the world.
I am getting tired of crazy. It is already boring the shit out of me.


I accept that it's a lost art, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

An Open Letter To Good Morning America Concerning The Chris Brown Situation.

Dear Good Morning America,

As you know, Chris Brown was a guest on your show yesterday, and after being asked a pretty obvious and entirely reasonable question about the on-going legal situation surrounding his violent beating of Rihanna, he not only provided a disgustingly unapologetic answer (“It’s not really a big deal to me now”) but proceeded to trash his dressing room before ripping his shirt off and storming out of the studios. I mean, what a FUCKING MONSTER, right? Who does that? Who does that anyway, much less who does that when they have a widespread public reputation for unwarranted violent outbursts? Yikes. I’m sure questions about his attack on Rihanna make Chris Brown uncomfortable, but you know what else makes people uncomfortable? GETTING PUNCHED REPEATEDLY IN THE FACE IN A RENTED (lol) LAMBORGHINI! When everything is said and done, Chris Brown still seems to be the one getting off easy, so maybe he should just answer the fucking questions with a modicum of respect for the seriousness of the situation and chilllllllll.
But so here is why I am writing this letter to you, Good Morning America: WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM? Not only are you not pressing charges against Chris Brown, but now you are asking him to return to the show? What kind of pandering, pro-violence, egomania-enabling, fucked up world without consequences (for a chosen few) do you live in*, you assholes?

I’m sure that managing a daily morning talk show is difficult. So much politics, right? You’ve got to do some work to massage the big egos of Hollywood so that they keep coming back and answering your questions about favorite limousines to ride in and who has a crush on whom! Sure. I get that. But guess what: THAT’S NOT WHAT IS GOING ON HERE. We are talking about a convicted domestic abuser continuing a pattern of ACTUAL FUCKING VIOLENCE, and not only do you pretend like this is not some kind of problem by refusing to file a police report, but you indulge and encourage it by publicly stating (PUBLICLY STATING) that everyone on the show “wishes him the absolute best.” EVERYONE ON THE SHOW WISHES HIM THE ABSOLUTE BEST? A) WHY? B) FUCK YOU. I’m not expecting any staffers who might disagree with this statement into which they have been unceremoniously lumped to actually quit their jobs in protest, but they should at least SERIOUSLY CONSIDER IT.
The nature of celebrity culture is such that it only takes a minor stumble for the public to turn on their stars, but it takes a similarly minor act of contrition to enter one’s redemption phase. This cycle is played out time and again, and it’s now ingrained and immutable. Good Morning America certainly isn’t responsible for this, although I’m sure you guys have a role to play in all three acts of any career. But this was not a minor stumble. This was a well-documented, successfully prosecuted, and ADMITTED attack against a woman (not that the woman part really matters, if Chris Brown beat the shit out of a dude in a rented [lol] Lamborghini and then RAN OFF INTO THE NIGHT, LEAVING THEM FOR DEAD he would still be a horrific piece of shit and face legal consequences), for which this asshole has never even actually APOLOGIZED. The only thing he has ever regretted was getting caught. Well, getting caught and apparently having to answer “annoying” questions about it. And now you guys, having witnessed this violence first hand, are throwing your not-inconsequential weight behind defending and appeasing an ACTUAL CRIMINAL. Who committed brand new crimes IN YOUR HOME. Think about what kind of message that sends to people. Not just young people, either. Think about the message that sends all people. It is a really REALLY awful message!

Fuck you, Good Morning America. I wish you the absolute worst.

*Obviously, this is the pandering, pro-violence, egomania-enabling, fucked up world without consequences (for a chosen few) that we ALL live in, but many of us don’t have an active choice in the matter.

"My Name is Megan Amram and I Will Be Singing 'We Built This City on Rock & Roll'..."

I don't watch Glee.  I don't really care about it all that much, beside the fact that Glee creator Ryan Murphy keeps expecting everybody to jump at the chance to sing cover sings & impress a bunch of 12 year old and when they don't (see: Kings of Leon, Foo Fighters) he has a god damned meltdown.  That is comedic to me.  The show, not so much.

That being said, I think I would tune in to Glee if this girl gets her wish.

She is my new fave:

Starlet, Activist, Chili Lover.

Elizabeth Taylor died today at 79 years old.  CNN decided to take the story of this incredible woman in a slightly different direction than most media outlets:

You stay classy, CNN.