March 26, 2011

My Letter to Harvard Radio Regarding the Termination of The Sound Radio.

March 26, 2011

Dear Harvard Broadcasting,

No doubt this is not the first nor last email you will be receiving about the recent termination of 95.7 The Sound in Edmonton Alberta, but please allow me a moment to express my deep disappointment in your obvious economically based decision to replace one of the most original radio stations this city has had with a Lite radio station that will have little impact on anyone or anything that resides outside of your bank accounts.

I have seen the ratings quotes.
I have read about the slow incline of listeners.
I have heard of the advertising shortfalls.

But I have also LISTENED to the station since it's inception.  And it was ELITE.

It may have been for a less homogeneous group of people than easy listening cubicle workers, but it was regarded in serious artistic circles as Edmonton's hope for music that spoke for people WHO ACTUALLY LOVE MUSIC.

It wasn't just a representation of the listeners. 
It was an outlet for local bands to showcase their talents. 
It was an outlet for local DJs with personality and spunk and originality to have their uniqueness appreciated. 
It was an outlet for people to hear about small-stage shows in town at neighbourhood pubs, to raise awareness of all the amazing attitude and ingenuity this amazing city has to offer ALL OF US. 

Your impatience and inability to take a risk is a massive disappointment.
The fantastic people of this exceptional city deserve more than the same "good enough" entertainment.
The brilliant people of this high class city are ready for people to stop spoon-feeding them "status quo" media.

We wanted a radio station that got us involved in our city and bring the vibrancy out in the people, the places, the politics.
And we finally had that.

Until you gave up on it.
And gave up on us.

Please reconsider.
The people of Edmonton deserve it.

Thank you for your time,

Sheena Millar

Mike Ross writes an article regarding the sound, including a conversation with me about this letter and my thoughts on the station:   

To write your own letter...
Harvard Broadcasting
1900 Rose Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4P 0A9
phone: (306) 546-6200
Fax: (306) 781-7338
(The website had an old email address.  I called and got the General Sales Manager's email for Alberta, as listed above, for Tamara Konrad.  It should be correct now.  Thanks, Anon.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheena,
love the letter & hope the higher ups listen.
Just wanted to let you know that the email address you posted is very old...cshiels has not worked at Harvard for over a year. (they must not have updated the webpage).

Bee said...

Gah. Of course it is.
Well, thank you very much for letting me know.
THAT was the contact info on the site, but I will call and get another email.
Thank you so much.

bexrox said...

Nicely done! I will do the same. I hope that many people will follow. Your words are exact and very well put. Together, we have a chance to bring back The Sound!

Anonymous said...

This is well written letter, unlike most of the people complaining about the change. This is the kind of thing that the station operators might actually listen to. Good work!

smbourque1 said...

I'm still mourning (and still pissed) at the loss of 95.7 the sound.Sadly there are no other radio stations in Edmonton to match the coolness of the sound. Just wanted you to know your letter to the Harvard radio knucklehead(s) was spot on! Cheers!

Bee said...

Thank you so much.

I had a decent conversation with Mike Ross at GigCity about it and, although it won't be back as the Sound, I am still holding out hope that we can demand a radio station on par with the values that station stood for and hopefully someone will find the hole in the market for US.

Because we need a lite95 station like a hole in the head.

*Nodding off*