March 16, 2011

The Situation is Dire.

The Situation was on the Roast of Donald Trump last night and it was everything you thought it would be and then some more embarrassment.
For you Twitter followers, the live tweets coming from fellow roasters was exceptional. Even THEY had no idea it would be as bad as it was.

You see, when the true roasters do what they do, they do it with love. That is how you get to be a good roaster- respect. The Situation lacks that entirely. He just came off as an arrogant asshole who thinks he's better than everyone and has a platform to showcase it.

What's funnier than THAT?!

Hey Situation, don't the door hit you in the abs on the way out.


Anonymous said...

Oh. Oh that was awful. Why did you make me do that?


Anonymous said...

why do they bother putting thses people on these roasts. that was as painful as farrah's roast of shatner. jeebus!

Bee said...

I know. I don't know if he was arrogant enough to get his management to approach Comedy Central or if they recruited him, but it was a disaster from the get-go. I suspect Comedy Central were working the train-wreck angle.

They HAD to be, no?