March 14, 2011

Perhaps We Are Sending the Wrong Message?

Casey Haynes, an Australian boy who has been bullied for many years by many students at his school, finally made a stand with one sad assbag while some of the bullies record the act to post on YouTube:

**link working again.  Thanks, LePage.**

Casey recieved 4 days academic suspension for his act, while the bully received 20.  Casey is also facing possible criminal charges.  Well played, you fucking assholes.

When Patton Oswalt retweets your shit, you can go back to bed.  Your day ain't getting any better.


Anonymous said...

Woah. Not bad for only being on Twitter for the past month, eh?

Da' Vane said...

You sure now how to bring out the best in people, don't you, S?

Bee said...

I do try.
I'll bring out the worst in them, too, but that is more for my own entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! That's awesome!
Go back to bed?! You could almost DIE and it would have all been worth it;-)


Bee said...

YOU know what I'm talking about.

Da' Vane said...

It is a shame that YouTube took down the video already - I've no idea what the victim actually did in retaliation.

However, it is far too typical that the law fails to do something, so the oppressed take matters into their own hands, and the law punishes them. Why - because they dared to do what the law wouldn't, and made the law look bad.

The law has always been on the side of the bullies, since the law is made by the bullies, and is one of the biggest forms of bullying in society.

Yet, it is all dressed up in the framework of morality, so that's all right then...

Bee said...

Basically, a little shit was bullying a chubbier guy as he had been all school year. His friends were taunting and recording it all. After a few punches to the big guy's face, they got into a brawl as the victim couldn't take it anymore, and he gave the most brilliant pile drive I have ever seen outside cheap wrestling. The bully then limped around for a bit and cried while the kid walked away.


Kid's name is Casey Haines so you will be able to find it on the met somewhere.

mikelepage said...

The vid can be found at the link above (scroll down to the last post on the page).

It's actually a power bomb, not a piledriver for all you WWE fanatics.

Either way, that kid got fucked up and 100% deserved it. Reminded me of Bad Santa in a way.

Congrats on the retweet! You're a helluva a twitterer.



I don't know...but good job!

Anonymous said...

that is definitely what I was searching for, You have saved me alot of time