March 26, 2011

What if WE are the aliens?

Nothing says topical like using a year old Ke$ha quote as your blog title.
What. UP.

All right, so I have had a lot of traffic after my blog was linked all over hell's half acre regarding Peter Coffin (I Just DGAF?), and some people have found me on Twitter as well to ask who I am and how I came to be included in this whole affair.

Quick Summary:

I am a local celebrity* who lives with my boyfriend in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.  I like the colour brown and things that are small.  I dig Scottish accents and people who can laugh at themselves.  I spend most of my money on music, beer, and avocados.

A friend of mine in Halifax BBMed me early Wednesday morning about a blog post he read about this douchebag Peter Coffin and, upon reading XiaXeu's blog post, was so enthralled by the idiocy of the whole affair I had to find out more.
Upon further investigation, I started documenting things as I found them, including taking screen shots of sites and posts that I knew would surely be deleted as the internet caught wind of the affair and Coffin ran for his life.
It wasn't even a hashtag on Twitter yet so I got a bit of a head start on it all.
Lucky me.  ;)

I tried telling Peter on Twitter (when he unlocked it for a brief time) to stop with the crazy defenses and lies (because he didn't know how much had been found out about him in the short time I took to Google). I tried telling him on Rants and Retardicles (the new blog he created to pretend to be someone else defending Peter's honour) to stop and take a deep breath and drop out of site and let it all blow over.  Even as he took to MY blog to make crass comments, and took to reddit to try and explain it all away with more lies, I was trying my best to get him to understand that he was making it all worse.

As you are now well aware, he didn't take my advice.  Instead he lied continuously, contradicting himself at every turn, mocked people who refused to believe said lies, drew attention to Xiaxeu's shortcomings as a way to deflect from his own mistakes, and then when nothing else worked, he played the victim.
In short, he dared people to hate him.
And they did.
By the millions all across the globe.

Eventually, simply due to the fact that I had the events laid out in chronological order as it unfolded in the cyber world, my blog was linked as a great way to fully understand the magnitude of the situation.  No other reason.  Before this happened, I had heard of none of the major player in this awesome story of Deception and Betrayal.

So, I thank everyone for their comments and their entertaining participation over the last few days.  It was an extremely enjoyable way to spend some sick days in bed.

I wish Peter the best in rebuilding his life and I sincerely hope that he learns a HUGE lesson from this.
Otherwise he is in store for a very, very, very long road ahead.

*Not even close to a celebrity, unless you ask Marko, Greg, my parents, or the people who used to follow me on Facebook until I got kicked off for, presumably, getting into a futile discussion with Republicans.


I Just DGAF said...

wow, lol

Da' Vane said...

I bet many people would disagree on your celebrity status, Bee... Someone who's whole life seems to be doing nothing but blogging their own their own views and opinions to the amusement of many, in leu of what many would percieve as an actual job, would have you ranking amongst many celebrities in the world today. You are an interweb celebrity!

Anonymous said...

If "I just DGAF" wasn't Peter,it'd still be creepy and pathetic how he/she is stalking your posts and making comments to people he obviously disagrees with.

Anonymous said...

Ya, why would IJustDGAF even care if he WASN'T Peter Coffin?
It is too weird.
Maybe he has a crush on you? :-)

Anonymous said...

He dedicated a whole blog post to you at I Just DGAF!


What, is he obsessed with you now?

Anonymous said...

Funny- Coffin refuses to comment on your posts anymore.

I wonder why he has deleted everything he wrote and is now using his blog as a way of starting some imaginary war with you??

Bee said...

Yeah, well he deleted all his previous comments at the same time that Peter Coffin deleted his reddit comments and locked his twitter and faded into obscurity.)

But he may be commenting now, I just won't see them because I put a spam trace on him. He's just trolling for attention now and I don't really have any interest in him or his obsession with me. He's been banished to the junk folder where he belongs.

He had a two day life span. He doesn't play a prominent role in anyone's life anymore.

Not even his own.

Anonymous said...