March 9, 2011

Oh, America.


Anonymous said...

That is SO true. I see it all the time down here. WahWahWah.

Fuck off.

Da' Vane said...

Where is your data coming from, S?

Bear in mind that there is a difference between those who identify as being Christian, and those who are actively Christian and allowed to engage in their beliefs.

This is particularly the case in the UK, where those who identify as Christian have dropped to less than 50% of the population, and there has been definite discrimination against those who are Christian, including the right to wear religious symbols - such as a crucifix. In most cases this is because those in power are worried that "it might offend" non-Christians if they allowed this. Yet, despite this, they often let other faiths, especially muslims, continue with their beliefs and practices, including wearing their symbols - it's often deemed politically incorrect to tackle them over such things.

What makes it worse is the hypocracy of the situation. Many would condemn islamic, jewish, and other iconography, but routinely allow Christian ones (although this is somewhat understandable, since we do have our own Christian church governed by our head of state: the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain - you might have heard of her...) despite the hypocracy this represents.

Ultimately, you need to choose whether you are allowing religion or not in your nation - those without a state religion, which is typically most modern nations, it's either free religion or no religion. You shouldn't pick and choose. In most cases, free religion is the fairest system, because free religion also allows the non-religious to be an equal part of society.

Many religions and their followers seem very quick to bitch about being oppressed, yet are amongst the first that will oppress other religions. Many of those who are non-religious (read Athiest - Not only do gods not exist, but everyone who believes they do are clearly deluded and possessed by some form of supernatural being that we've clearly, and totally, already stated cannot exist because we said they don't exist!) are just as quick to oppress others when they are not too busy claiming they are being oppressed...

You know who IS being oppressed? ME - I'm being oppressed having to listen to people claiming to be oppressed because they are not oppressing someone. Well, that's about to change, because I'm off to spread some oppression!


Fiercecalm said...

My data?
You mean, what are my sources of the joke pie chart with no actual statistics on it?

I really was just being humourous.

Da' Vane said...

Yes, that data - I'm pretty sure there's people off starting a revolution citing that as factual evidence right now, just because it's a pie chart. They'd probably do it even if you made sure to keep the custard visible. You really should be more responsible with your humour, Sheena - who know's what joke you might say next that will turn into the next New World Order!