March 13, 2011

Elementary Lessons in Humanity.

Try to wrap yourself around this thought: 

People have a right to basic survival. 
Even if they do nothing. 
Even if they contribute nothing. 
Survival with dignity is one of the basic rights of life. 
The planet has given us enough resources to be able to guarantee that to everyone. 

All we have to do is share.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful. And so true. Thank you for this. :)


Da' Vane said...

Screw the basic rights of individuals - that argument leads to the basic right of every individual to be a dick as well.

I will, instead, point you towards the Theory of Altruism, which has proven that not only is sharing natural, but it is also the most efficient way to use resources within a group.

Unfortunately, because of a birth defect called instinctive stupidity, this is not always the most evident path to take.

People tend to comment how poor people like sharing, because they have nothing to share. You would be surprised to note (or maybe not) that poor people are also amongst the most intelligent. They have to be - poor, stupid people don't tend to survive for very long.

Rich, stupid people, on the other hand - well, they simply buy themselves out of natural selection, often by buying a whole selection of poor, intelligent people.

Maybe one day we'll find a rich, intelligent person, because they may actually be able to do the world a lot a good...