March 17, 2011

Make it Stop.

Has anyone else noticed that girls are pronouncing their 'a's as 'e's now?
An example:  douchenugget UCLA girl talks about her American "meeanners".  Kardashians (I don't care, pick one), in their oh-so-sexy baby voices, say things like "eenyway" and "neeame".  Combine this with uptalk and it's like some disgusting vocal virus infecting anyone who regularly watches reality television.

What is this?  Why is this happening?  I can smell the Cover Girl foundation and burnt hair straightening product when I hear them speak this way.  It is weird.

It's like the gay lisp.  Not ALL homosexual men speak like that, but ONLY homosexual men speak like that.

There has to be a reason for this.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Totally!! It is crazy. The baby voices are THE WORST. And that girl in the video is really something. Riveting.