March 29, 2011

Make Yourself Your Own Kobayashi.

Wow, this has really taken off.  Coffin should have invested some $$ into this.

A new wonderfully creepy startup called Cloud Girlfriend thinks they have the answer to finding the woman of your dreams: "The best way to get a girlfriend is to already have one." You can only sign up for the early invitation service now but here's how it works: Create your Weird Science gal and they'll "bring her into existence" by creating fake social media profiles for her, and will even have her post on your Facebook Wall. This whole process could be a lot easier if they just figured out a way for you and your Cloud Girlfriend to have sex.

Please let this be a Peter Coffin-esque April Fools joke.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Awwggh it would be SO sweet if it turned out to be a prank on him!! You just KNOW he signed up! XD