March 14, 2011

Anti-Semitism: Bad. Misplaced shoes: also bad. Typical family stuff.

Anyone who’s heard Sheen's rants about F-18s and Warlock Torpedoes (so basically everyone) knows that the man has a way with words.  Most people don’t know, however, that Charlie Sheen also writes poetry, and that in 1989, a film was based on that poetry and narrated by Sheen himself.

So the next person you hear say “I’m SO over this Charlie Sheen thing…” like they’re so much better then everyone else, just play them this poem and tell them to go fuck themselves.


Anonymous said...


Da' Vane said...

You do realise I've had to change my catchphrase now, right?

For the past decade it was "See, I told you I was AWESOME!"

Now it's "See, I told you I was Charlie Sheen!"

Bee said...

Sheen has infiltrated all of our vernacular.
I will never be able to say "Vatican Assassin" the same way either.