March 16, 2011

Another human being's suffering is never that far from home.

"Heys pretty!
If you get the chance, please do a short tweet/blog post for Zack Finfrock's 24-Hour Draw-A-Thon in aid of Japan. It's totally the sort of thing you should be getting via Facebook, if you were still ON Facebook, but instead, I'm just emailing it to you."

Absolutely. * 

I have done very little for the relief efforts besides donate to the Red Cross and we have two big bags of clothes and blankets etc that we are putting together for them as well.  I shall be taking my own advice, I assure you.  My friend Amber (who happens to have a Twitter page now-YAY-and blog about robots that I will link at the bottom of the page) does a Magic Penny every month and is dedicating this month's to relief efforts in Japan, she just needs some creative ideas.  She was thinking perhaps books, because standing around while your city floods/burns/evacuates and you are left with no drinking water/electricity/food/emergency services/company can get pretty depressing.  A good book can be the escape into another world that may very well be needed.

I mean, for Christ's sake, emergency personnel can not even BEGIN to reach the areas in desperate need.  The damage is too extensive.  I just imagine people who have lost (sometimes literally: check out the video of the woman who had a hold of her daughter until a wave came and the mother watched her child washed downstream) everything they have ever known in  their lives and are now just waiting... waiting for help, waiting for direction, waiting to die?   It breaks my heart.

So, try to do something, Guys.  Twitter and Facebook groups are fine, but maybe if you have things around your house you aren't using... money you were going to use to take a trip that can be put off for a few months... even TIME to help pack up supplies at your local Red Cross depot, please do what you can.  These people have NOTHING LEFT.

All the world peace preaching in the world doesn't do what the support of another during a time of crisis can.

*Amber, if you have any links or any other info in mind, let us all know.  And Christina, I wish your friend luck in his Draw-a-Thon.  He's a good man.


Da' Vane said...

Thanks, Sheena - it's almost over now: There's about two more hours left, so catch it if you can. If you want to check out what's been drawn, then go here:

So far, Zack's efforts have raised over $1,300 for Japan!

Da' Vane said...

Thanks Sheena!

All together, Zack raised $1,500 for the Red Cross through his draw-a-thon, which was a great result, although having somone generous to donate $530 to lift the 50 visitor limit on liveStream, and only managing to get a maximum of 80 visitors in at any one time was a bit of a letdown. Still every bit counts, and there's likely to be more draw-a-thons for charity by Zack in the future, so maybe this is all worth it. At the very least, I finally got a twitter account...