March 28, 2011

Mommy, I had a bad dream.

One of those dreams where you can't escape a predicament rationally so you do something stupid that could kill you.
I woke up before I actually died and spent the next hour laying in bed with this running through my head:

So, yeah.  Good luck getting back to sleep.

Here are some things I found entertaining while too awake to sleep and too sleepy to do anything productive:

I could totally do that.

"That's a God damned bacon rainbow, Bitches."

And just in case it was a deal breaker for any future fake online relationships:


God damn you, Russia.

And this clip is from a documentary called Married to the Eiffel Tower, about a woman who has love affairs with inanimate objects, like bridges, and her bows (she’s an archer).  She's tried dating human men, but they just can't compete.

 FILMMAKER: When you say you date these guys, does it mean that you have sex with them?
BRIDGE F*CKER: Oh, no. We never get to that point.  Often times, they would say I’ll be the guy who will change your mind. And I never liked that attitude. I mean, I didn’t date a whole lot of guys, but the ones that I did, didn’t work out, simply because of the sex part.

I'm shocked.