March 7, 2011

Our Prime Minister Abolishes the Government of Canada, Replaces it with "The Harper Government", Canadians are F**ked.

Our modest, self-effacing autocratic Prime Minister has demanded that the country's civil service must cease to use "the government of Canada" in official publications. From now on, the tax-funded communiques must refer to "the Harper government."
(I favor "the Harper regime," personally.)  He is a narcissistic, disrespectful, and dangerous man.
Back in 2006, they did something similar, switching "Government of Canada" to "Canada's New Government":'s_New_Government
The phrase was quietly dropped in October 2007, with most references reverting to the "Government of Canada."
Maybe NOW people will understand why a man who tells a female author 'When I'm in charge, women like you won't be able to publish this trash' might not be the most progressive leader our country needs right now.

(Also, Toronto will be known as "Harpertown," members of Parliament will be known as "Mini-Harpers," Tim Hortons will be known as "Steve Harptons," and Stephen Harper will be known as "Margaret Trudeau.")


Anonymous said...

I heard something about this today, but never really read too much. This is crazy. I am so disappointed with how under-the-radar the Americas have been lately. It feels like there is a massive conspiracy going on and it is very worrisome.

Fiercecalm said...


Greg T*********

@Arbitral @jamesastray does this make me a Harpadian? Or do I just get a tattoo that says "property of Stephen Harper"?

Anonymous said...


Da' Vane said...

To be fair, this is not exactly new, but it depends upon just how pervasive the changes actually are.

Is this a change of the government itself, or the political party that is currently in power?

For example, in the UK in 1999, Labour changed to New Labour prior to election and swept into power, and this moniker stuck with them throughout their term of office. It was officially the New Labour Government. It didn't go beyond that though - primarily because as a constitutional monarchy, it's still all property of the Crown.

Are you sure this is not the same as what's going on in Canada? That is, it's just a name change of the government in office, rather than the entire system.

Plus, I'm pretty sure that if you really don't like it, I'm sure Her Royal Highness wouldn't mind helping the citizens of her fellow Commonwealth Countries...

How would you all like to be British again? :P

Fiercecalm said...

Harper is trying to get the change permanent until he is voted out. It is not just vulgar display of power, but also an unnecessary distribution of funds and time. And for what?
That is my concern.
He has been notoriously hard-headed about his current scope of privilege and has consistently bent the rules to his whim (see: proroguing parliament right before the Olympics.)

He also tried to get our journalism guidelines thrown out so "Fox North" (Sun TV) from the States could report here. Why would one need to change the integrity in reporting legislature to report the news unless you had none? Luckily, it was voted down.

For now.