March 26, 2011

My Fifteen Year Old Hip Hop Fanatic Just Came.

"Desperation, jumpin' off of street corners here..."

I don't care if I come off as a giddy, ridiculous teenager.  I am new at Twitter and I am still amazed at the fact that I have gotten the chance to speak to Eddie Ifft, Lisa Lampanelli, Patton Oswalt, Louis Peitzman, and Butch Walker... but motherfucking Q-TIP?

I know.  Few really care but him anymore, but I DO care.  And it made my entire Saturday to have him come back at me with Princess Jedi.  (Though that statement just prompted my boyfriend to reply "See?  Now we HAVE to watch Star Wars...")

I am not a fame whore, starfucker junkie, but when you are actually able to have a piece of time with people who are in the moment, interactive, and interested in what you say... it is a pretty amazing thing.

And I am thankful to have them.

Thank you, Facebook.  I was upset when I lost access to all of my friends and comedians when you disabled me, but Twitter has been the girlfriend you never were, and I didn't even realize it until you dumped me.

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Anonymous said...

Fucking awesome.