March 16, 2011

The Loyalty of a Dog.


Anonymous said... doggies loving each other.

BTW, saw that soccer clip - SHITTY! Although, every striker has had that happen to them, whether they admit to it or not. All it takes is one bad bounce or a funny spin for it to get away from you, to make you look retarded. Poor guy:-)

I am the exception to the rule, though, I swear... ;-)


Bee said...

I just facepalmed.
I don't play soccer, but it just looked painful for the guy.

My way of relating is when you knock your beer bottle and have seven chances to keep it from bailing completely and at the last second hit it with your pinky and it goes over into your lap.

But, y'know... in sports. =)

Also, YES. You are doing St Paddy's Day proud. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, exactly! Or, when you go to take a sip through your straw without looking and it goes up your nose instead. There is just no way of being non-chalant about it. It happened and all you can do is laugh at yourself...that's never happened to me either.