March 29, 2011

Simpson's Episodes Pulled for Nuclear Reactor Jokes; the Tsunami Wins.
The nuclear disaster in Japan has moved at least one Canadian broadcaster to pull episodes of The Simpsons from its rotation.
OMNI Television spokeswoman Koreen Ott said the station, which airs reruns of The Simpsons at 6 p.m., has “pulled any nuclear episodes from The Simpsons” from the air.
“We’re reviewing our inventory for any further sensitive episodes.”
Ott could not say which episodes have been pulled, but added that the station was provided a list of questionable episodes from Fox, which airs The Simpsons in the United States.
OMNI Television is not alone. Television stations in Europe have also pulled nuclear-related episodes.
Also, shortly after 9/11 an episode in which Homer goes to New York was pulled for awhile because it showed the World Trade Center.

Global TV, which also air reruns of the comedy, has not confirmed if it has pulled any episodes.

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mikelepage said...

Apparently in Germany they now have Homer working at a Coal plant.

If I lived in Chile I'd be protesting right now!