March 14, 2011

Working my Way up to the Middle.

I woke up this morning to an email that my blog had been mentioned in a posting from City and Dale magazine (which I am embarrassed to admit that I had never heard of) from a commenter as one of the best blogs in Edmonton.

THIS one?

As flattering as that may be, I HAD to believe that there were far, FAR better blogs out there than the drivel I churn out on a not-nearly-daily basis.

Then I read the comment myself:

Ahhhh.  I see now.  A former Facebook friend.  (Or, possibly, friend-of-friend, as I have found out that my page had dedicated unlisted friends and supporters.)
I have been bombarded with love from those who have missed me on Facebook and have gone as far as to write Facebook and appeal my deactivation.  Very sweet, and also very futile.  But I so appreciate the solidarity.  And now I so appreciate your promotion.


I do not know a Kennedy, nor do I believe I have heard the name in our social circles so I am now wracking my brain trying to think of anyone we know who loves the Dead Kennedys or American politics.

Either way, thank you so much for your shout out, your faith in me, your adoration and your time to consider a little bee in the big big blog world.

I am now off to check out all the other aforementioned best blogs of Edmonton...


Da' Vane said...

In your face, FACEBOOK! None of your pages got mentioned... Oh no, you got famous for disabling the account of our much loved Bee. Hah!

Bee said...


I miss Facebook, fo' sho. But this makes it a bit easier.

Like when a boyfriend dumps you and then immediately begins his spiral into misery.

No? Kind of?

Da' Vane said...

Wouldn't know - I don't usually dump people and end up in a spiral of misery. They dump me because I'm too Charlie Sheen for them to deal with, then I start my spiral of misery...