March 29, 2011

ATTENTION CANADIANS: Election 2011 Made Easier.

For most people, voting is complicated.  All politicians lie, the parties blur in platforms, and past indiscretions overshadow the parties' basic principles.

But CBC News has an excellent quiz to help streamline your views based upon how you answer some distinguishing questions:

The CBC is the site's exclusive media partner, but Vote Compass operates independently.  It's questions were developed and chosen by a team of leading academics, including some of Canada's top political scientists.

I am not, in any way, dissuading your own critical analysis of each possible party, but instead of spending NO time wading through the mountains of information because it is so overwhelming, maybe this can be helpful.

My results.  Shocking, I know.

Please vote. Not voting is always a vote.  Apathy is always an opinion. 
This election, in light of the non-confidence ejection, is especially important.

Thank you for your time.


mikelepage said...

I am closest to the Liberal party, as I suspected I might be. I did not answer any of the opinion questions at the end about the leaders, etc, because I didn't see the point of that and I thought it might have an influence on the facts of my answers to the real questions.

Pretty cool idea though. I hope more people use this to see where they lean, and then do actual research into the party.

Melissa Oicle said...

I heard on the news last night though that a political science prof went through the quiz and answered different ways every time...every time it came up liberal. CBC I heard was getting critisim from this.

Bee said...


I tried it a few times and answered slightly differently and it changed for me.

I have not known CBC to be partisan in this respect. I hope they don't lose credibility over this, because it is a fab idea.

Bee said...

Also, it did not point me toward the Liberal vote, as you can see in the pictures.

Perhaps I will try it again and go hard care Red Neck and see what happens. ;)