February 4, 2011

Your Ari of the Day. Also, I am a Racist. (UPDATE)

Ari, a former comedian and now aggressive Conservative, and his Republican supporters defend name calling by name calling. I get involved.  It goes on for a while.  And it ends as I probably should have known it would.

Well that spiraled out of control rather fucking quickly, dontchathink?

For the record, the only thing I "judged" was their tone and their communication style, and would have done the same to a group of rowdy Liberals.  I also never told them how I summarized my experience of dealing with them.  The most fascinating part of it all was how they interpreted everything I DIDN'T say.  Reading between the lines of this is like trying to build a castle with doughnut holes.


I then changed my profile picture to a less than flattering picture of "Annie" and ended the conversation for good. It was clearly no longer a discussion, but a bunch of angry women in an angry room together being angry.

Also, "cat" is my hero.


Da' Vane said...

You are so like me, Sheena, it's just plain weird.

You are correct on your point - it's name calling, based on a crazy Left vs. Right world view. Ironically, I had pretty much a similar experience, although this time I was arguing with the Left Wing, rather than the Right Wing.

Neither side can have an intelligent debate, because then it means they have to treat their opponents as people, and show themselves to be just the same as their opponents.

I've just scheduled my latest blog post (due tomorrow) which covers the same thing, but from the Left. It's all just an excuse to fight and call the other side names.

What makes it worse, is those that don't fall into their arbitrary Us vs. Them world view are automatically judged to be Them, because they can't certainly belong to team Us. After all, if they belonged to team Us, they would agree with Us 100% and dare not question, instead using the same targets to attack Them.

It's a very limited, and pointless, world view that is decidedly NOT AWESOME. I may just have to update my blog post with this, since you clearly are AWESOME.

Fiercecalm said...

That is it exactly.
They assumed I was Liberal because I wasn't agreeing with what they, as Republicans, were saying. Even though I wasn't DISagreeing, I wasn't agreeing. And I didn't appreciate the tone and the arrogance, which is tantamount to disagreeing, so that is close enough to me being a Liberal and that is enough to go off on me for being an idiot.
Like I said, what was insinuated based on what I DID NOT say was paramount here.

I really did want to learn something.
And I guess I did.

I am excited about your post... =)

Anonymous said...

Likewise, Bee.



Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD, that was the craziest thing I have ever read. what the hell is wrong with them? That was just insane.

Good for YOU two. That was an PWNAGE if I ever saw one.