February 25, 2011

It's Not a Lie If You Believe It.

A point I never hear many people address:

The reason, Americans, that you have so many of the North America's best doctors is because you have a disastrous private system that sees a third party system regulating people's health at the expense of the patients. Who regulates it?
The Insurance Companies.
Funded by Pharma.
Paying your doctors.

And it pays well.

When the patients are able to pay, that is. And very few are now. Businesses are cutting health coverage and people haven't the expendable cash flow for things like a broken bone or a C-section.

Canadians flee to the US occasionally for doctors who are paid what our country and our system simply can't afford. But us Canadians also simply could not afford to live there.

Maddow: "Ask any Canadian which system they would prefer to have."



Da' Vane said...

I'm rapidly coming to love Rachel Maddow... <3

So, how is the Tourettes coming along? :D

Fiercecalm said...

Out of all of the chronic disabilities you could imagine I would have, Tourettes??

I'd definitely pick Lupus.

Anonymous said...

I hear that all the time. Republicans telling stories of poor broken Canadians running from the tyranny and inadequacy of their socialist regime for stitches. I have known of people to go and see Specialists or top Surgeons that happen to be in the US, usually because they are closer than the UK or Libya or India. There are many people from a round the world that travel to our hospitals as well. It is enraging. It is a lie.

And from your earlier Republican facebook entry, it is also rather attractive to believe.

Da' Vane said...

Lupus? Nobody wants Lupus - you wouldn't last five minutes on House with Lupus...

Tourettes is definitely the most likely condition for you, Little Miss Potty-Mouth, but I wouldn't call it chronic... Not yet, anyway! :P

Anonymous said...

No shit.