February 13, 2011

I Go Through This Every Year.

Random Facebook Stranger (actually a friend named D, but for this particular post, he shall remain anonymous):

"I actually celebrated it last year with the girl I was seeing at the time but honestly, if you aren't acting loving during the rest of the year one day ain't gonna make a difference..other than to retailers and restaurants and flowershops and jewelry shops..."

And Sheena goes off on her yearly Valentine's Day defiance rant:

"See, this is always the argument, and I always call bullshit.
It doesn't mean that people who celebrate Valentine's Day are not romantic the rest of the year. It is not an either/ or scenario.

Greg got the weekend off. We haven't had a day off together since I started at this job.
We went out and I had a Lush shopping spree, he bought comics.
We splurged on food we would not normally eat for financial and health reasons.
We saw a movie in Imax rather than a regular theatre.
We ate popcorn and chips in bed. And made crumbs.
We went to an Indian restaurant that was all decked out in hearts and cupids and I had a girlie drink.
We went to bed at 7pm only to get up again at 9pm.
We dressed up more so than we normally would have.

It is but a reason to be a little extra indulgent. Love is there 365, but sometimes money isn't. Opportunity isn't. An excuse to be ridiculous and irresponsible isn't."

I'm getting tired of it all. Either you are romantic and exceptional ALL year round (no one is), or you are only romantic on Valentine's Day. There is no AND. You are either compensating for your lack of love and appreciation the rest of... the year or you are buckling under the pressure of social convention.
It is ridiculous and every year I get to listen to the 'fuck, V-Day' bullshit. 

You celebrate birthdays, yes? 
Then stuff yourself and let me enjoy this day in peace.

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