February 16, 2011

Facebook Deactivated Me.

... possibly due to being too awesome for them to handle, but I can't prove it.


For a moment, I was pretty upset by it.
And then I thought...

... shut the fuck up, Sheena.
Some people have real problems.

In the meantime, the "ohmyGod, where did you GO?" emails and calls and texts have been crazy sweet.  It's nice to know that I am not only missed, but missed because I brighten people's day.
Hopefully, I will catch up with you all soon.


Da' Vane said...

Whew! For a minute there I thought it was me who scared you off...

As for your pic, the girl in it doesn't actually have too many problems right now, because she recently featured in a local newspaper after having successful surgery to rebuild her face, and she looks extremely pretty now.

Now where am I going to get all my weird and wonderful AWESOME Facebook friends from?

Da' Vane said...

Actually, it's quite clear why Facebook deactivated you - given your actions with the Republicans.

Quite clearly, Facebook don't understand the difference between fraud and parody, so when you posted a picture of Annie on your profile, they assumed you were trying to be her (thus violating their terms) rather than just highlighting to people that she has no actual grounds to mock ANYBODY on appearance.

I hope you have appealed to have your account reactivated, otherwise, I may be time to boycott Facebook and their ignorant facism completely, since they clearly have no idea of the concept of the different aspects of what being social are about.

In fact, it's quite amusing that they, themselves, quite clearly and routinely violate their their own terms of service. For example, they disallow pyramid schemes, when as a social networking site, they are in fact one giant pyramid scheme. Mark Zuckerburg made his millions via Facebook because it IS a pyramid scheme.

The wonderful world of capitalist hypocracy in action...

Fiercecalm said...

I love that you think that because she is pretty now so she must not have any more problems.
Perhaps a few nightmares from the memory of her husband beating her and slicing her up, but at least now SHE'S PRETTY. ;)

Fiercecalm said...

Also, as for the Annie picture thing, that is NOT obvious as that was 2 weeks ago and I did not get a warning, nor was I asked to take the picture down. It is JUST as possible that someone was offended by the "FIST ME" Valentine's Day photo I posted, as that was up the day before the deactivation. I have quite a few people I do not know liking/commenting on my photos as my settings are such that 'friends of friends' can see my information. This means people who are not my friends and do not know me or my dark sense of humour and/or potty mouth could be privy to my personality and find it inappropriate. Hell, once I had a friend's mother give me shit for a sarcastic Facebook status.

So, I really do not know why it was deactivated. You seem to be certain, though. Got someone working for you in the inside, C?

Da' Vane said...

Actually, the term I used was "too many problems" - there was an accompanying article in which she is getting over her ordeal.

As for Facebook, I read their terms of service, and to be fair, the only one that stood out as being a situation where they would deactivate you is the one that was mentioned, because it pretty much violates the terms of service.

Of course, if they had checked the background, they might have realised you weren't trying to pretend to be someone else, but to those who go by profile pics alone when it comes to judging someone, having someone ELSE's profile picture is pretty much a clear violation.

I didn't see your FIST ME pic, but I'm pretty sure that unless your AWESOME friends know some less than AWESOME people, I'm pretty sure that unless it was really, really, really graphically offensive, it's possibly not the culprit.

Of course, if it was the FIST ME pic, then you can't blame Facebook if it really was bad enough to violate terms of service. But the former is much more plausible, and makes much more sense...

If I had anyone working on the inside, S, then Facebook would actually be AWESOME!

Fiercecalm said...

I read the article. I still think I should be careful about what I am bitching about sometimes.

Though my week has been pretty damn shitty since a superb Valentine's Day. I have been having stress relieving baths almost every day. From dead car batteries, to losing money, to getting passed over for jobs, to toilets overflowing, and everything in between, I am really glad tomorrow is my day off.

I couldn't take much more of this week.


Ezzie said...

Since you can't read FB, here is your Jason of the Day:

Jason: I've decided to have a midlife crisis.
Me: Oh?
Jason: I'm scheduling it from March 2011 to March 2012.
Me: Are you going to buy a sports car? Get manscaping?
Jason: I'm...what's manscaping? Wait. Wait. I don't want to know.

Fiercecalm said...

He is just so great.
I miss seeing you on Facebook every day so I can feel like I saw you and spent some quality time with you every day.

Even if it was just in my own mind.

Da' Vane said...

Sorry to hear your life is really crappy right now, S. If it's any condolence, I missed you too, and despite some AWESOME things going on, my life is pretty crappy too - so crappy in fact, that I couldn't bring myself to do a Cult of Da' Vane update this week.

It pretty much says something about society when getting booted off of Facebook is such a pain in the arse. The rise of social media has meant that real socialising has taken yet another back step in our lives. It kind of sucks to see what we've all become thanks to Facebook, when you think about it.

Although, I must say, there is only one thing worse than when you have problems, and that is having problems nobody else realises or understands. The ones that nobody gives anybody any credit or sympathy for, however hard they may be.

Fiercecalm said...

Yeah. I hear you.
I am lucky enough that I have a pretty large social circle. I see my friends pretty much every Thursday for live music and mini pizza-ing at our local pub and I get together with my close friends and family quite often. But the friends who have remained close to my heart though they are miles away have been cut off quite suddenly, and yes... I could email those people if I chose to. If I had something incredibly cool to say. But that is what Facebook is always great for: you don't have to be too amazing or too verbose or too specific. You can just post a comment, post a video, link an article, and those who it tailors to will be entertained, those who don't will wait ten minutes. And I have found that quite a few people were depending on my Facebook-ing skills for their daily dose of something cool.
This is what having a very very slow job affords you- time to entertain DOZENS for seconds at a time. ;)

My week got better. I just felt cursed. Everything I touched broke, or stopped working properly, or died somehow. It was crazy.

But today is my day off and I am still in jammies and HBO is on and I wrote a wee piece in my blog (I am doing more of that since I have no other medium and you don't exist if nobody listens to you...)
It feels like heaven after the toilet overflowing.

That is the nice part of relativity.
When it works in your favour.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is BEYOND boring right now. Seriously, it is stupid.

Also, see you tonight at Wunderbar.
Dress schmexy.


Anonymous said...

You're missing from facebook and I realize now that you were my favourite part of facebook. :(