July 26, 2011

RIFF RAFF been stickin' with everythang ICY.

Greg and I watched this yesterday and we can't figure out if this guy's for real or not.  He has many videos where he done been had lots of fly shit knowwhatimsayin', but this is just beyond ridiculous.

He makes me ashamed of being white and that is near fucking impossible.  (That's a joke, relax.)

He seems really impressed with his spices. What's up with that?  Is that a thing now?
"I said Paprika, Bitch. You take that fuckin' lemon pepper motherfucker out ma crib, Dawg. Sheeeet."  His kitchen looks like he lives at his mother's place.

Anyway, if it's a fake, this is comic gold. That bitch didn't miss a beat. This is the best thing Chris Brown will see all day.

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Anonymous said...

That can't be real. It simply can't.