February 21, 2012

The Last Hurrah.

So, our friend Marko has sold his beloved pub. We have been frequentling that little place every week, sometimes four times a week, for years. Greg has been going there since his first year of college. Greg and I met there. Our first date was there. We would joke about getting married there. So many of our friends met each other there, including couples like Boyle and Lindsay. Our friends Ritchie and Tiffany got engaged there. Greg's birthday and CF fundraiser pirate party was there. Every year. So many of our friends are in bands that started playing at the Crown. There was never a time that we weren't welcome there. In pajamas, in bad moods, broke, exhausted, in sickness, in health. It was our place. It was a lot of people's "our place."

We got a chance for one last hurrah on Sunday during a friend's fundraiser in memory of his father. And it was everything we wanted it to be.

Vangie and her sexy ass.

Karly is the greatest thing and pulls off a denim vest like whoa.

The pub, complete with Angelica and her sass.

Angelica and her beau.

Marko and Doreen.

Who's the guy on the left? I can't remember. Fred and Marko, making shit happen.

Fred went all out this year, and he hit his $5000 goal. So fantastic.

Vangie. Making metal out of me.

Marko. Confused by my camera case that looks like a bible.

Feeling the love.

Who is the new waitress again? Anyway, she is beautiful and good to us.

"How do you not love these sexy faces?", featuring Lindsay & Greg.

Speaking of sexy, well played Chad.

Tyler and a pretty lady I am unaware of.

Tyler has the kind of smile that makes everything okay.

The classic Chris Boyle, Lindsay, and Greg who is making a weird face.

Rebecca and I, but this time I was taking the pictures. And that is why they are so shitty.

Lindsay #17. There are so many Lindsays but this one is one of the sweetest.

Chad, being coy.

I don't recall this photo, nor do I know what the hell is happening.

I can only assume Rush was playing.


Such a pretty shot of Lindsay.

I had such a good night.

Free Elliott, one last show.

Mark and Bobby and Philip, and a steaming pile of rock & roll.

Philip on drums.

Bobby, making bass & bartending look easy.

The back office and show posters... some of which was Greg's best work.

Cean and the boys, making the best fucking wings in the city.

Philip and I, being adorable.

Mark and I, being menacing.

Mark and I , trying again.

Philip does more for this city's local art scene than anyone I know.
Keep your eyes on the Artery.

The boys and Ajay- one of the best huggers.

We were there from 5pm until 1 in the morning. And we left too soon.

Now we wait. Wait to see what the new owners will do to the place. Wait until Kelly's opens up again in April. Wait to bump into so many people from the Crown that we never seemed to see anywhere else. Thanks again, Marko.

Cue Toby Keith's "I love this bar."


Anonymous said...

I am so sad. That place was one of this city's best treasures. Damn.

Anonymous said...

This sucks. This really fucking sucks.

Anonymous said...

This makes me kinda teary, and I've never been there. Nice tribute.

Anonymous said...

Good Tribute lady! :)