April 30, 2012

National Honesty Day.

Things I have a hard time doing:

- not crying at something adorable at least once a day
- chugging a beer
- getting a pedicure
- allowing a typo to stand in an email, post, or tweet
- letting people completely leave my life
- suffering fools silently
- typing on an iPhone
- waking up
- listening to Tom Cochrane
- laughing "like a lady"
- Q tipping my ears without coughing
- not putting kittens heads in my mouth
- drinking white wine
- taking my vitamins every day
- remembering to plug my iPhone and iPad in so they don't die on me
- sleeping without Greg giving me lil' arm rubs
- saying no when someone will be disappointed
- calling people back
- making my bed every day
- not looking people in the eye and smiling at them when going for walks
- not drinking chocolate milk too fast
- living without kitties

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