September 17, 2012


So, one night, high on Temazapam and loving the world, I decided to start ProjectBee. I thought that due to the overwhelming support and adoration I have received from people all over the world, it would be a fantastic gesture to connect with them in a small way. And who doesn't love snail mail? Might as well use it while we got it.

So, I sounded the alarm (put it up on Twitter and Facebook) and the response was overwhelming. Levels I will have a hard time keeping up with. But I am up for the challenge. All I ask is that you all have patience with me. It may not be the grand opus you were hoping for, and/or it may take a bit longer than expected, but please know that this is important to me. And soon your mailbox will be full of bees!

But in a good way.


Anonymous said...

Can I send you a letter?? Or you send me one?? I would love to pen pal you!!

Have you heard of Rumpus? It is writers forum...I don't doubt that you probably have...they do a monthly letters in the mail from various writers, hand written and all. This reminds me of that.

Apt# 14, 12320-116 Ave, Edmonton,
T5M 3C6

Bee said...

I wrote you a letter a couple of nights ago. I do not know the name of who I am addressing so I will title the letter "Anonymee."

Anonymous said...