October 17, 2012

What Not to Listen to When You Are Low.

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Anonymous said...

Radiohead is so emotional a band, that I will not play certain songs as well. Music doesn't always make people feel better. Now to introduce myself, "Hello Sheena, my name is Robin, and besides knowing your wonderful mother Sharon, who is a Beacon of Love & Light, we have the loss of a spouse and child in common. My wife was pregnant when she was taken from us, and me, by a drunk driver. When I read your words from your most recent post, I felt many feelings from the past come back in a nanosecond, and I mourned the loss of Greg and your child for many hours. It is now a little past 2:00 am and I thought I would write to you and tell you how your blog affected me like no other I have read, and I have read many, many blogs without ever commenting. I will thank your mother for sending me the link so I could read it and understand your words. I re-lived my own loss of the loves of my life and took up a tablet of paper and a favorite pen and began to write about so much that was and still is inside of me. The writings have magically formed themselves into a number of songs that I will take with an old favorite guitar to some open stages around Edmonton and will bare my soul for whomever is listening there that evening, let them look inside of me with any fear of sometimes handy judgement calls. Thank you for being a catalyst for their creation Sheila.

The instrument called 'Guitar' literally saved my life Sheila. If you would like me to bring you one, as I share my instruments with other kindred spirits and complete strangers, please tell your mother and I will bring one to you. You don't have to know how to play a guitar to let the music inside to come to your ears. And if you are wanting to learn to play any instrument, I will give to music lessons as well :)

On YouTube, I am 'Cooktree', the nickname given to me by some tough hard men at Syncrude during the 1990's, because my love of cooking made even the most crusty, hardboiled men actually emote in a surprisingly happy/kind/polite/gobsmackingly friendly fashion.

Here's the link to my cheesey music videos on YouTube. I will come back and read your words again and not finish my introductory greeting with any cliches. If you feel the need to write to me, whether a few words or an epic novel, your mother has my email address.

I still see the world much the same way as I always did, if that makes any sense at all.