September 28, 2010

Controversial Article in MacLean's.

MACLEANS: According to many on both the left and right, obsessing over Quebec’s existential question has come at the expense of proper transparency and accountability. “I don’t think corruption is in our genes any more than it is anywhere else on the planet, but the beginning of an explanation would be the fact that we have focused for so long on the constitutional question,” says Éric Duhaime, a former ADQ candidate who recently helped launch the right-of-centre Réseau Liberté-Québec. “We are so obsessed by the referendum debate that we forget what a good government is, regardless if that government is for or against the independence of Quebec.”

A suggested read for those who are following the eternal debate.  Not nearly as defamatory as I first thought, thankfully.  I love Macleans and would like them to continue to be as non-partisan as journalists can be. I have enough infotainment "news" programs to choke on.

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