September 22, 2010

Eloquental Bee.

Job: NEW!! Peak Performance Inc. Distributor of Himalaya Organic Supplements and other exclusive lines for the Canadian Market. They sent me to Toronto for their annual sales meeting and it was intensive. Definitely an opportunity I am thankful I was hired in time for.

Relationship: Greg and I have officially been together 2 years, if you count from the first kiss. Crazy. It's just as much fun as it was the first week. We are celebrating by making Potato Leek Soup from scratch since it is my new fave to make, and Greg adores it. The CSA drop off veggies usually dictate what we make for the week, so this has been a few weeks of leek-y, potato-y goodness.

Home: We love this apartment. It is so cozy and clean and quiet. Except for the dead body they dragged out of the apartment building across from us, that is. From the scene in the parking lot, we imagine an overdose or suicide. There has been a vigil of Somalians hanging around for the passed 2 days. But our apartment is awesome.  Love the real hardwood.

Miscellaneous: Went to a raw food seminar with Melissa last week and it was a pretty rad little goddess trip. Plus, I am totally making raw food stuffs now. ;)  I have to call my mother and see my dad.  I can't wait until Greg & I take our fall trip to Summerland, and Melissa and I take our Christmas shopping trip to Calgary.  So many plans...

This was the least eloquent update I've written in a while.
Good thing nobody actually reads this, hey?


Amber said...

I read it, Queen Bee!

Fiercecalm said...

Oh, yay!!!
You are loving me!!