November 7, 2010

Ari Doesn't Take Sundays Off.

Do Conservatives/ Republicans just blame everything they don't like on the Democrats?  I mean, this just sounds RIDICULOUSLY catty.  A comment from one of his subscribers:
"It's the product of the hideous and idiotic designer, Narcisco Rodriguez who makes shit out of tin foil and the liberals adore him."   
How is this a LIBERAL decision?  Maybe she just liked the dress...  Oh, forget it.

I watched this video.  It is of a middle eastern father recording his daughter naming numerous country's capitals.  Like most dads, he is most likely proud of how smart his little girl is.  And now, while calling THEM terrorists, Ari has posted this video and spoken about how they deserve to be "eradicated".  No peace.  


Because THEY are the violent, unreasonable monsters.

I really hope it occurs to them sooner rather than later that this attitude is just creating more terrorists...

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