November 23, 2010

People Still Dig Christmas, Right?

I mean, I know the "sanctity" of it has been diluted, neglected, and washboarded into a marketing nightmare, but still... people make the most of it, yes?

I have never been religious enough to consider it Jesus' birthday, and if I was I would no doubt still realize his birthday was in August.  I do not have childen to keep the illusion alive for.  My family probably finds me the exhausting one; no keeping up appearances for their sake.  It is just for me.  I love it and force those around me to as well, lest they kill me in my sleep.
I just enjoy being able to have a reason to be blissfully indulgent.  Indulgent in food, drink, appreciation, gifts (giving and receiving), friendships, generosity, etc.
It is like spring break but with snow.
And it is a great way to end a year and start another... with new stuff and a reason to go to the gym again.

Anyway, I already have the decorations up, the baking planned, the movies cued, and the parties marked on the calender.  If you need a bit of the cheesy Christmas spirit, you know where to find me.

P.S.  Watch Modern Family if you are not already.


Anonymous said...

I love Christmas, but I dont have many people to spend it with. But I love it when people have so much fun with the holidays so I am going to be living vicariously through you!

Stephanie said...

Well put!
PS: Stop blog-distracting me from my writing.
PPS: Modern Family is the best.

Fiercecalm said...

Hurry up and write, Steph. I have editing to do...