October 2, 2011

OCCUPY WALLSTREET: The War on Terror Looks Better on Us, Don't You Think?

The police actually directed the protesters to the bridge and once there, arrested them en masse. Kind of like the G20's "Free Speech" zone. Tell them it's OK to go there, then "kettle". This is what our democracy now looks like:

Apparently, if you want the real story, you can read some articles in the British Site Mail Online, which is the only publication that has bothered reporting on this story at all since it's inception three weeks ago. Even the CBC reported that:

"protesters swarm Brooklyn Bridge..."

That didn't happen. There are many video streams that clearly show the police herding them onto the bridge like cattle. The reporting that has been done on this story will be a clear litmus test to the integrity and professionalism our journalists still possess.

From what I have seen, the police have been more of a danger than the protesters, but the news outlets have made sure that most of the videos have been deleted from YouTube, the stories are covered with bias, and the evidence has been discarded.

Nothing to see here.  Clearly.

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Anonymous said...

Why is there no "enraged" opinion poll option? Fuck. Thanks for letting us know about this. You rock.