December 13, 2011

Man Uses iPhone to Record Mother-in-Law's Attempt to Kill Him. Holy Shit.

"Salvatore Miglino had a feeling something bad would happen when he went to pick up his three-year-old son from the Tamarac, Florida home of his soon-to-be-ex-wife’s mother, so he decided to record the rendezvous with his iPhone‘s video camera. Good thing, too, because he was shot in the shoulder and rib cage by his mother-in-law, 66-year-old Cheryl Hepner, shortly after his arrival.
The iPhone video proved invaluable, as Hepner quickly called 911 to claim that it was Miglino who had attempted to kill her. Thanks to the footage, investigators were able to charge Hepner with “knowingly and intentionally plan[ing] to kill and murder Mr. Miglino from a premeditated design.”
At the root of the dispute, it seems, is the bitter child custody battle Miglino and his wife are presently engaged in. Hepner was apparently attempting to prevent Miglino from taking his son to New York.
Hepner has been booked into the Broward County jail, where she is being held without bond."


And later, she accused him of shooting at her "first":

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