December 30, 2011

Ringing in the New Year Like Kings.

Me: My GOD, there is just so much going on this new years.
Greg: Yeah? What's up, I haven't even checked the events...
Me: Mikey Dunn's having a party, Sheena and Scott are having people over... there's a theme... hats or something? Phi and The Weekend Kids are having a private posh party, Empress has the big show, there's something going on at On The Rocks, some people are heading to the Crown..."
Greg: Jesus. Can't we just stay in and eat sushi and love each other and nest?
Me: BABY! We can do that any time; this is new years, we should spend it with people we love.
Greg: Who do we love more than each other?
Me: You have a point.
Greg: So we're staying in?
Me: No. 
Greg: Damn it.

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