March 8, 2012

I refuse to become jaded.

"But if it is the first time some people have become aware of it, so what? Is there a statute of limitations for when someone has to start caring about an issue before they have missed the boat? Some people only knew of Uganda 4 years ago when their government passed a law that homosexuals would be killed, even though they had been doing that illegally for years before. You said so yourself, we are in a first world bubble. I am just disappointed to read that so many people seem to be so intent on chastising people for caring. They didn't care early enough, they aren't caring about the "right" things, they are caring too naively, their care is misplaced and should be over "here" instead. I, as the eternal optimist, am just happy people are caring AT ALL. We need this, as far as I am concerned. We need to know what it feels like to care about something genuine again. And not just discovering the latest meme."

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