March 22, 2012

Now it's time to hit the streets, back up those words you've sung.

I remember being in Victoria and having a helluva great night with a self proclaimed "skin head." I didn't know if I should be afraid or not, but he and I were engaged in brilliant conversation for hours before I found out so I felt pretty okay about it.

It takes a lot to get me to recoil in fear. Just ask my father.

The same Neo-Nazi group that rampaged Calgary and sent a ripple of fear through the landscape here (whether real or imaginary remains to be proven), are now supposedly coming to the heart of Edmonton and turning our "used hubcap district" into their locker room. At least this is the rumor.

A facebook anti-rally has been created. It reminds me of the anti-Westboro Baptist Church rally that was ultimately fruitless since the church members couldn't get across our border to protest our unknown gay theatre production or whatever queer form of expression they were mad about. Afterward, everyone just went to Whyte and drank beer and cheers-ed a lot instead.

This town, while redneck in reputation, loves its protest songs. God love it.

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