August 19, 2010

Holy Smokes.

I woke up this morning and the sky was campfire grey. 
The smoke was thick enough that you could taste it on your tongue.

"Is there a forest fire somewhere around Edmonton?", Greg asked.

I immediately hit the local news site and discovered that no, it wasn't near us.
It was from the fires in BC.  The RAGING fires in BC.

I know it may be my BC-born heart sinking, but that poor province has been riddled with fires for the last ten years.  Those poor people.  And so many of them are elderly in the interior.  I hope their health doesn't suffer too much. 

Not that having your family evacuated and your house burnt to the ground is much better.

Consider this post my shout out to British Columbians.
Stay thirsty, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Maybe it will kill a bunch of those nasty Pine Beetles. At least the fires are a natural process that brings nutrients back to the earth. Those little beetle buggers obliterate forests in very little time...silver lining? *cough cough*
J :-)

Fiercecalm said...

Oh, J... you eternal optimist!

Also Tim, our from was Regina, said the smoke is hovering over HIS house this morning.
"Holy SHIT, Dude."
I think this is helping some people understand the severity of these 300+ fires.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, for a few days last week, we were in a smoky haze down here, but luckily the ocean breezes have been blowing it all away. All the way to Vagina, too?! Jesus.

Fiercecalm said...

I love that my blackberry destroyed "our friend from Regina".
"Also Tim, our from was Regina..."
That isn't even a typo.

T-9 is a mystery to me. It has never assisted me. Ever.

I feel the same way about marijuana.
I don't think I am doing it right.

Anonymous said...

I've found that with my BB, I just close my eyes and let go when I'm typing stuff. y'know, just trust it...maybe that's why my friends don't text me back anymore...

As for Marijuana...I forgot what I was going to say...oh! Piece of candy...