August 19, 2010

Mike "I Dye My Hair Blonde At 54" Sobel.

He was on location at the Fringe and they asked him about the Fried Oreos. 
You could clearly see the banner behind him, 'Fried bananas, Fried Oreos, Elephant Ears!' 

He looked around befuddled and BLONDE.
They cut away and reported on something unrelated.

The next time they came back to him, his arms were full of cotton candy and kettle corn.

The female anchor looked exhausted.
Mike Sobel looked pleased with himself.

"I couldn't find the Oreos, but I got your some appetizers...", he cooed.
"Mike, the Oreo stand is right behi-"
"So here you go!!  What a good start to your diet, eh?!"
"I'm not on a die-"
"These bags are heavy!"
he exclaimed, as he dropped them on the ground.

Fuck. Me.


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I should watch more local "news".

Fiercecalm said...

Global is the absolute fuckign worst.
I used to enjoy watching Shaye Ganam and Andrea Engel openly despise each other and become entangled in awkward conversation every morning.

It helped prepare me for my days in customer service.