September 18, 2011

Because I Never Learn.

It's like I WANT another Republican to report me.
And get me kicked off facebook.


Yes. Your world would be a much safer place for you and your children if the British actors all LEFT THE HOLLYWOOD MOVIE SETS THAT YOU COMPLAINED CANADA WAS STEALING FROM YOU DUE TO CHEAP LABOUR. Make up your mind- do you want people generating money in your country or do you want them to get the fuck out? I'm pretty sure they aren't stealing your screenplay writer job that you were driving for. These people make my teeth hurt. It is such blatant racism and bigotry shrouded in a cloak of bad political arguments.

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mikelepage said...

There are times when I wonder if shutting down my Facebook account was a rash decision, then I read this and realize it was totally the right thing to do.

I am not equipped to deal with that sort of thing. Thank FSM that you are. At least someone is keeping these boneheads in check.

Zuckerberg should be paying you something.