September 18, 2011


"Want to hear a secret? Almost every goddamned thing we do here is self-referential.

HEY LOOK AT WHAT I ATE OR DID OR SAW OR KNOW OR FEEL OR HATE. It’s all us pointing our fingers right at our own faces and asking everyone to look. Don’t kid yourself, everyone’s faces and everyone’s fingers. It’s why we’re here.

And know what else? DON’T APOLOGIZE FOR ANY OF IT. People are awesome. Even lame people. I’m here because I WANT to see people reference themselves.

Some people hate it when people... post a joke on twitter AND facebook. Like doing so CROSSES THE LINE that we for some stupid reason pretend isn’t running ten yards directly behind us with every post. Guess what, those people? Some of us write jokes and put them on the internet. It’s not the most noble of endeavors, but it’s the one we’ve chosen professionally and recreationally. So suck it.
Imagine you’re a photographer. You take a picture. You like that picture. But screw you if you show it to people in your living room THEN show that same picture to someone at work. Screw you right in the face for being so self-referential."

The John Blog

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