November 2, 2011

Judge William Adams excessively beats disabled daughter for using the internet.

This is shockingly upsetting.
He thinks computers cause problems... let the world show you what they can do. This video has gone viral and he is now under investigation.


‎"The Texas judge at the center of a controversial video alleging to show a severe beating he administered to his daughter in 2004 as a punishment for using the Internet has confirmed to KRIS-TV that he is in fact the person conducting the alleged child abuse.

“It happened years ago; I apologized,” he told 6 News. “It’s not as bad as it looks on tape.” Arkansas County officials report that an investigation was launched after people began “flooding phone lines to complain.”

Judge Adams says he has contacted the Judicial Review in Austin and expects to clear his name through the investigation.

On Facebook, Hallie Adams, the judge’s ex-wife, acknowledge her former spouse’s “current and continuing abuse of my children and me.” She did not apologize for her part in the beating."

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Sharon M said...

Typical Texas style justice. VIOLANCE. The mother is equaly culpable and both should be in jail.