November 30, 2011

Man Smashes Car Windows With Fists on a Crazy Suburban Rampage in St Albert.

My front passenger window, what's left of it.

My rear passenger window.

My rear window.
By the time the cops got him they figure he had damaged 15 cars. If it wasn't for Greg coming to the rescue and helping me clean up the glass and run plastic sheeting over where the windows used to be, I would probably still be at work staring blankly at the carnage and wondering what kind of drug would allow a man to punch into over 50 windows with his fists and only stop because he got caught.

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Anonymous said...

Aside from the shittiness of the situation for those of you who were on the receiving end of his rage, you have to wonder what kind of tragic events/life/situation may have led him to this point. Glad you are alright. My condolences to your car windows. They deserve better:-)