May 28, 2011


"One of my Christian friends said to me that she was sad to the fact that there was a stigma put on Christians, that as soon as you tell someone you are christian they put you into a tiny box.

I told her I understood. That as a Gay man I received the same treatment.

She said she hadn't thought about it that way.

This is a video that I have wanted to do for a while now but have not been able to put it down into words until today.

We as humans are looking for acceptance in all aspects of our lives.

It's human nature. We want to become part of the tribe.

Unfortunately because of our differences we are shunned by other members of the human race.

Things as simple as the country we were born in can define who we socialize with.

The size of our bodies can cause us to feel like we are not worthy of someone else's respect.

Our sexuality can make us scared to go into a social setting that may cause us danger.

Our Gender Identity can attract violence from strangers

and our spiritual beliefs can falsely identify us as biggots or enemies of another who we may otherwise form a strong friendship with.

We are all guilty of this.

Social conditioning has made me expect that a certain race of human to be rude and unfriendly.

I am nervous around people of a different sexuality of mine, just because I don't know them well enough to trust them.

I have denied myself proper nutrition in order to push myself to slim down to the point where it is not healthy

I avoid clothes that might be feminine because I don't want to be approached on the street and harassed.

I rarely disclose that I am Pagan for fear of being identified as stupid or flakey and ignorant.

And I judge those people who embody my own weaknesses the harshest.

From this point on I resolve to stop this ridiculous cycle.

From now on I resolve to accept my differences.

The differences I hate about myself and the differences I love I will accept as part of me.

With Honesty I will overcome my personal prejudices and accept myself for who I am because then I won't feel the need to say "But they are worse than me as a Gay Male because"

I will be able to accept them as different to me.

Because only by accepting our differences, tolerance can become irrelevant.

And this is because I want to be accepted and not tolerated."


Anonymous said...

I think the world would be much better off if people could adopt my apathy towards people's religion, sexuality, and colour. If only someone could help me reel it in now and again.

D W Knaggs said...

Hey there!

Thank you so much for posting my video on your blog, I am super honored! Have a great weekend!

Bee said...

Thank YOU for posting it in the first place. Extremely inspirational and I hope more people post it so they, too, can have some sweet motivation amongst the minutia of meme-based shit out there. My blog included. ;)