May 2, 2011

Osama Photoshop Image? UPDATE: Hell, yeah.

I may be ConspiracyBee here, but does this photo look very badly Photoshopped to anyone else?

Osama bin Laden image released by the Pakistani government?

The pixelation is all wrong and the skin tones are off. Yet, major media is portraying this as the evidence released by the Pakistan Government of Osama Bin Laden's death.

I call bullshit.

Indeed.  As you have all heard by now, this is nothing more than a photoshop layered over his most prominent photo:

There is also another floating around:

Which is yet another photoshop job of a movie still:

The United States government has confirmed, for now, that there will be no photos of Osama bin Laden released to the public.  There is a campaign that has been started to encourage release of these photos, but this is not exactly an attempt to get Betty White on SNL. I highly doubt public outcry will be enough to prompt action.
There are videos and pictures of the Osama compound if people are interested, though:

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