May 3, 2011

Second Best Osama-Death Reaction Video.


Sam said...

Hello sweet Bee. Please excuse my lack of more frequent presence here on your blog. It is partly because we are hair-straight-back busy over here, and partly because I am a little intimidated by your ongoing political commentary. While I certainly try to keep up with things enough to know who to vote for with certainty, I tend to avoid political discussions because I always feel I don't have enough information. I blame this partly on the fact that I was raised by a woman who, when I reminded her to exercise her right to vote, replied "But I don't LIKE politics." Sigh. At least I can say I have usurped some of the insanity with which I was initially imbued...
Missing. Loving.

Ezzie said...

I like to imagine the bald guy in the front is Vin Diesel. Don't know why, I just do.

Bee said...

@Sam, that is all right. I understand. I have been poli heavy lately, but it has been a pretty big passion of mine.
I am in the middle of writing you a letter full of nothing. You should probably receive it by 2015.
I hope you are well.

@Amber, YES. In the new sorta-sequel "Furious Five".