May 30, 2011

FHM Says Horribly Ignorant Things About Andrej Pejic- I Am Disgusted. UPDATE

Barnes & Noble and Borders stores south of the border are censoring the latest cover of Dossier Journal featuring androgynous male model Andrej Pejic. 

This is a screenshot because someone at FHM clued in to how offensive this was/is and removed the original post.

"'Thing’ is quite accurate.” 
"Pass the sick bucket.” 
"More troubling..."
"One trend we won't be following."


Besides this just being downright juvenile, it’s incredibly inaccurate to compare the male-identified Pejic with the female-identified Lea T. While he plays around with androgyny, Pejic has never expressed any desire to actually become a woman, whereas Lea T felt she was born the wrong sex and took steps to remedy the situation. I’d say this is pure homophobia and transphobia, but Pejic has not publicly identified himself as either gay nor transgender. From what I can gather, they simply can’t handle the fact that he’s different and does not appear to be that which "they" believe a MAN should represent (cue football throwing, beer guzzling and steroid use.) A sadly familiar scenario that triggers many a schoolyard bully to ruin some poor kid’s life and now children are dying because of it.

Shouldn’t we know better than to propagate this shit?

I am just going to sit here and stare unbelievably at this for a moment.

I received an email from Newsy who supplied me with a great video that also illustrates how others are reacting to this. So far, I have not seen any articles interviewing Andrej himself.

"I read your post “FHM Says Horribly Ignorant Things About Andrej Pejic – I Am Disgusted” where you provide your reaction to the slanderous comments made on FHM’s website.  You summed it up perfectly when you said that they simply can’t handle the fact that Andrej is different.  I appreciate that you compared these comments to schoolyard bullying, because that is essentially what they are.  Recently produced a video about the FHM’s comments and Andrej’s Dossier cover:

It provides a lot of contextual information about Andrej and the controversy surrounding him and his androgynous style. I think the video compliments your post well, and I hope you will consider embedding it into your 'In the War Between' blog post.  Traditional news outlets often overlook LGBTQ issues.  It is important to present these stories to the public and shed light on ignorance.  Blogs like yours do an excellent job providing the public with the news they need."

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Ezzie said...

Really? This is still what we're "troubled" about as a society? Pass the sick bucket indeed. FHM apparently never learned that we are all beautiful in different way and that differences are to be celebrated, not mocked.

Bee said...

And you know they took the post down due to "bad press", not because they genuinely saw the err of their thinking.

This, SlutWalk... we are going BACKWARDS.

Anonymous said...

Eww you're disgusted, "he"'s disgusting. Why would you want to be androgynous to the point that people would mistake your gender, it's gross.

Bee said...

Anonymous, I am going to assume you are a troll because that comment is almost too ignorant to be believed.

I wouldn't even know where to begin with a comment like "eww" and "gross".

Anonymous said...

kk so a queer looking individual has to be immeadiately accepted as just being a model makes too much sense to me. My problem lies in the fools who put him on a magazine cover to generate press to sell more mags. seriously whos ever heard of dossier magazine?