May 28, 2011

Saturday in the City...

After waking at 6am for no reason at all, I wrote a to-do list for the day and smiled:

-> Have Amber pick you up
-> Get coffees
-> Old Strathcona Farmer's Market
-> 104th Street Farmer's Market
-> Get Fat Frank's
-> Meet Leslie for coffee
-> Wish you had a nap before the stagette tonight

A new pub on Whyte Ave. Jesus Christ, Guys.

Our friends Feast of Famine busking their last market show before the tour.

Food in the City: Launch of Edmonton's Food and Agriculture Policy Project

This dog was badass.  Wore those sunglasses and hat like a boss...

... and stood up to be worshiped. The feather says it all.

"Buy some bread and 100 Mile House's new album..." Awesome.

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Ezzie said...

Best. Day. Ever. <3