June 2, 2011

Dionaea House Mystery.


A man gets a newspaper article stuffed anonymously into his mailbox.
It tells of an old friend who murdered 2 people and turned the gun on himself.  He writes to a mutual friend about how unsettled he is. 
The man becomes so unsettled he begins his own investigation into how his old friend became the kind of man who could kill. 
He finds out more than he wanted to know.

I am not certain if this is authentic, but if so, 3 people are still missing.


Ezzie said...

What an awesome read! I'd say it's definitely a story, but an engrossing and well-written one. I have goosebumps.

Ezzie said...

I am reading this over again, it's so great! How do you find these things. (I know, I know. They find you.)

Anonymous said...

pretty sure i failed my eye exam the next day because of reading this...