June 10, 2011

Jack White Is Throwing A Divorce Party.


Anonymous said...

conggrats to him but really does he need any more advertising? just asking cause if anything commercializing his divorce as a blog post, which was kinda late, i heard about this a few days ago, is kinda a way to be like yah i'm single so come put your vagina on my dick.

Bee said...

You realize that blogs aren't here to break news stories, right?
I'm not CNN. If you hear about everything I post long before I post it, I'm not sure what brings you here.

Your obvious lack of respect when commenting assures me that it couldn't be for my personal posts.

Anonymous said...

Shit, dude, half of the stuff I read on here I read before Reddit and shit, so stop busting her balls. She practically broke the Peter Coffin story, you douchebag. She ain't your meme bitch.

(I got your back, bee!)

Anonymous said...

"commercializing his divorce"?
is someone getting paid out of this?


Rob christ said...

Dude this anonymous dude gas a serious problem, be it a mental thing or just stupidity. I think he just don't like you.

Bee said...

Well, I don't think they know me personally because they just showed up yesterday, likely due to the traffic I have received from the eharmony video.

But there are so many people who are too cowardly to speak up in their real life so they compensate by being a pain in the ass in their cyber world. Trolls aren't new.

I am just always taken aback when I end up with them, because I didn't even realize people read this thing. ;)

Anonymous said...

your blog was the first place I heard about Alice's Bucket List. It blew up Twitter a few hours later, but thank you for what you post because you never know what post is going to be the place they are first exposed to it. ;)